AcroYoga has exploded in popularity recently, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s just yoga with a bit more showing off. But did you know that AcroYoga actually has a whole host of mental and physical health benefits?

It builds trust

There’s nothing like being suspended mid-air on a stranger’s legs to build trust quickly. AcroYoga is centred around strong bonds between the base (the person on the floor) and the flyer (the person held up). If you’re looking to make friends fast, book an acro workshop and go alone!

It builds balance and body awareness

Acro is all about finding the balance point, and you need to be aware of every part of your body to find that sweet spot. With plenty of communication between the base and the flyer, AcroYoga is an amazing way to develop full-body awareness.

It reduces fear

You will fall. And that’s OK. The more you fall, the more you realise that you won’t actually die, giving you more confidence in inversions, backbends and pretty much every other area in life!

It could be the bridge to advanced poses

Can’t quite nail that handstand? Have a go at one on someone else’s hands! As much as this might sound insane, having the support of a base in more advanced movements like handstands can help you to get to your goals.

Give AcroYoga a whirl at MoreYoga on December 10th with international guest teacher Davide Monti!