MoreYoga Late Night Lock Ins are an alternative to a usual night out, an opportunity to spend your Friday or Saturday evening doing something that enriches rather than depletes your system. Every  Lock In is inspired by the MoreYoga ethos that we need to look after our health holistically ~ Mind, Body & Spirit and each event will combine Yoga, a Workshop focused on mental well-being and Meditation. This series is part of our  Karma Commitment to giving back with a minimum of 15% of proceeds going to our Charity of the Year SkyWay. 



Flow, Grow & Let Go

Friday 1st February 2019, 7-9.30pm
MoreYoga Caledonian Road
474 Caledonian Road
London N7 8TB
£25 with 15% to SkyWay Charity

Join us on Friday 1st February for our first Late Night Lock In of the New Year! Now we are in full swing of 2019 your resolutions may have been pushed to the bottom of your To Do list & making time for self-care may seem like an overwhelming task? We invite you to stay in with us, take some time out to focus on moving forwards positively & create the space for positive reflection, personal growth and letting go of the things that no longer serve you.

What to expect: We will open the evening with a Chakra Yoga Flow & Guided Meditation to activate the seven energy centres in the subtle body before moving into a therapeutic workshop based on reflection and mindful wellbeing. We will end our evening with EFT tapping to help release negative patterns, emotions, and thoughts and close with a healing immersive sound journey. This workshop is suitable for everyone & all levels are welcome, if you have any questions please e-mail

Please bring warm layers, a notebook & pen and any snacks you would like for the evening. Good Karma is also included in each ticket purchase as 15% of all proceeds will go to Skyway – our charity of the year!

CHAKRA YOGA FLOW with Liz Joy Oakley
Liz Joy Oakley is a Yoga and Meditation teacher specialising in Yoga therapy for Stress and Anxiety. Liz will open the evening with an energising Chakra Yoga Flow to activate the seven energy centres in the subtle body. Imbalances or blockages in the Chakras can manifest physically, mentally or emotionally and in this class we will begin to release any blocked energy or imbalances to stimulate an internal shift to leave you feeling rebalanced before moving into a guided mediation through the Chakra system to connect to the elements associated with each energetic centre.

WORKSHOP with Steph Minchin, The Yoga Psychologist
Steph Minchin will share explorative conversation about mindful living and positive wellbeing. The workshop will then encourage individual reflection through a written mind-mapping exercise, inviting you to reflect on 2018 and creatively consider how you want to move forward in 2019. What are your hopes and dreams for the year, beyond January, and how may you commit to inviting them into the rest of the year ahead? How can you make intentions that are more meaningful and longer-lasting than resolutions, more resonant with your core values and more aligned with who you are and want to be. With the art of reflection, the workshop will support personal insight for setting intentions, encouraging your journey of self-care for a happier and healthier mind.

IMMERSIVE SOUND BATH with Rachael Welford, Welford Wellbeing

Welford Wellbeing is your good vibes gateway to better mental health. We believe life’s too short to suffer and that you’re more powerful than you know. We’re here to show you how to access your full potential and get back to normal (whatever that is). 

Throughout this workshop, Rachael, founder of Welford Wellbeing, will guide you through a session of sound and energy work to help you release stress and anxiety and leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed. Working with the subconscious mind we’ll use EFT tapping to help release negative patterns, emotions, and thoughts and rebuild a new positive outlook. This is followed by an immersive sound bath. Using gong, Tibetan bowls, Koshi bells, and her voice, Rachael will guide you through a meditative sound journey drawing energy through the body and using various sacred sounds and vibrations to reset your nervous system, rebalance your systems and reconnect your body, mind and soul.


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PLUS MINUS MAGAZINE | Dr Stephanie Minchin
19th March 2018

Dr Stephanie Minchin is a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS, a Trainee Yoga Therapist and a Yoga Teacher with weekly yoga classes in Hackney (@theyogapsychologist)

Meet the yoga studio crew who really do give more!
Stepping into a yoga studio on a Saturday night isn’t my usual vibe… Yet swapping dance floors and beats for candles and stretching for the launch of More Yoga’s Late Night Lock Ins was a wonderful experience.
The studio was a cosey haven, with candles and blankets and a gift bag for each yogi. Liz greeted us all with smiles and hugs, her shiney spirit sharing a sense of happiness and fun. Liz led us through a beautiful yoga flow, gentle movements and breath work, ending with restorative poses to nurture the body.

Many of us are used to practicing yoga with music and have a range of yogi-friendly playlists to match the pace of the movements; but listening to live acoustic music whilst flowing on the mat really was something else. Mike’s acoustic guitar was the perfect compliment to the yoga, and Liz and Mike were nicely synced in sound and time with the yoga movements! The dreamy atmosphere created a sense of a community for the workshop, that we were all their together to celebrate ourselves.”

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