Do you find it hard to keep calm in the chaos of this amazing but sometimes crazy City? When was the last time you took some time out to stop & simply take a breath? When did you last make the time to look at the areas of your life you’d like to pay more attention too & when did you last allow yourself the space to simply listen to your own inner voice?

Now is that time! For our 3rd Late Night Lock In we’re joining forces with The Yoga Psychologist & Welford Wellbeing to retreat from the stress & demands of life and using the power of 3 we’ll look at our health holistically for an evening focused on body, mind and spirit. 

– Candlelit Flow to Restore Yoga with Liz Joy Oakley
– Workshop with Psychologist & Yogi Steph Minchin
– Sound Bath with Rachael Welford, Founder of Welford Wellbeing
– Healthy Treats & Elixirs will be provided by Alchemy

You may wish to bring an eye mask, additional blankets or layers and a notebook and pen for the workshop. Delicious healthy treats & elixirs made of seven superfood elements will be provided by Alchemy to keep us refreshed & focused for an evening of retreating from city life together.  

“The gong is more accurately a force of energy, “like a divine engine, affecting the body’s meridians. By and large, after it’s over, you just feel great, you feel like you’ve been healed by the spirit of nature.” Don Conreaux

“The effects lasted well into the evening and even the next morning, when I felt an incredible sense of calm and focus.”  Priyam Sharma –  from Huffington Post article Why every stressed out person should try a gong meditation.

“Before I came to Rachael’s gong bath, I was busy and stressed out! I was conscious of time and feeling too wired to relax. It was a beautifully run gong bath. Really relaxing, gentle and healing. The gentle, calm ambience you managed to create, is the best thing. It was a really lovely event, Rachael. Thank you.”  Sula Bruce – UN Women


We will open our evening with a gentle Candlelit yoga practise, you will be guided through poses and breathe-work to calm the body and help to still the mind. Liz is our Head of Vibes at MoreYoga and specialises in teaching Yoga to reduce stress & anxiety and is an advocate for looking at health holistically; taking as much care of your physical health as your mental health. Liz will create a safe space where you can connect back to your whole self – body, mind and spirit. 

Steph Minchin will share psycho-education and reflective-based exercises to explore how to promote mindful living and positive wellbeing. The workshop aims to guide you in learning tools to connect with your own personal values and balance in life, develop techniques to discover how to ground into the present moment and discover a sense of calm in yourself beyond the yoga mat. The workshop will be complimented with a guided meditation and coherent breathing exercise for empowering emotional resilience and mental clarity for a healthier and happier mind!

We will close our evening with a therapeutic Sound Bath, as you lay down under your soft blanket Rachael will guide you through a Reiki activated relaxation enabling you to relax your body and begin to quieten the mind ready for the resonant sounds of the gong, Tibetan singing bowls and Koshi bells to wash over you.

Sound has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic purposes. As you bathe in the deep vibrations of the gong, all the cells in the body begin to resonate, stimulating the vegas nerve (which runs from your brain stem to your abdomen). Your vegas nerve kick starts your bodies relaxation response, helps prevent inflammation in the body and can slow your heart rate. Therapeutic sounds have been shown to inhibit the stress or pain response as well as having a positive effect on your heart and respiratory rates. They entrain the brain to theta brain wave frequencies where visualisation and the creative power of your mind starts. As you relax deeper you may find you enter a trance-like state, or are able to access different levels of consciousness not explored before.  

Alchemy is a bold, new, health food concept, focussed on 7 nutrient dense superfoods, which we call Elements. Their objective is to make tasty, exciting, beautiful, experimental and, most importantly, healthy food and drink. The Elements are at the core of this, they are: Apple Cider Vinegar, Beetroot, Matcha, Turmeric, Spirulina, Cacao and Ginger. Their products include signature non-alcoholic cocktails called Elixirs, healthy shots, a selection of nutritious foods, and much more. Alchemy are on a journey of discovery and experimentation, which they hope will lead to opening their own store.


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PLUS MINUS MAGAZINE | Dr Stephanie Minchin
19th March 2018

Dr Stephanie Minchin is a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS, a Trainee Yoga Therapist and a Yoga Teacher with weekly yoga classes in Hackney (@theyogapsychologist)

Meet the yoga studio crew who really do give more!
Stepping into a yoga studio on a Saturday night isn’t my usual vibe… Yet swapping dance floors and beats for candles and stretching for the launch of More Yoga’s Late Night Lock Ins was a wonderful experience.
The studio was a cosey haven, with candles and blankets and a gift bag for each yogi. Liz greeted us all with smiles and hugs, her shiney spirit sharing a sense of happiness and fun. Liz led us through a beautiful yoga flow, gentle movements and breath work, ending with restorative poses to nurture the body.

Many of us are used to practicing yoga with music and have a range of yogi-friendly playlists to match the pace of the movements; but listening to live acoustic music whilst flowing on the mat really was something else. Mike’s acoustic guitar was the perfect compliment to the yoga, and Liz and Mike were nicely synced in sound and time with the yoga movements! The dreamy atmosphere created a sense of a community for the workshop, that we were all their together to celebrate ourselves.”

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