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Tantra & Intimate Connection

with Becky Crepsley-Fox and her partner Alexis

Sunday 18th November, 14.00-16.00
MoreYoga Caledonian Road
£40 per couple


Join Becky and Alexis on a two hour journey of intimate connection.

Becky will lead you through tantra yoga sun salutations to warm up and to get the energy flowing around the body. This is followed by a short tantric Yoga sequence, learning how to channel energy together and move as one — to be done in couples and is taught by Becky and assisted by her partner Alexis. After you will be guided through a yoga Nidra and your own personal meditations to get you both into grounded states of awareness. Then once again come to together as a couple for meditation and connection exercises such as eye gazing, breathing and gentle touch.

This workshop is to be booked as a pair, come with your lover or someone you have a strong connection with. You will always be partnered with your companion and the aim to keep the energy within the couple throughout the workshop.

This workshop is not a sexual practise, although you will get lots of sexual energy flowing around the body there will be no sexual themes explored and everyone will be fully clothed. These two hours are for you to take the time to make your partner feel wanted and seen with your undivided attention whilst learning some simple exercises you can practise at home.

Becky is a yoga teacher who has been teaching full time for 5 years. She teaches numerous styles of yoga and has completed meditation courses too. Becky and her partner Alexis are both tantra practitioners and also practise orgasmic meditation. Becky is currently training to be a psychotherapist and in January starts her training to become a sexologist.