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with Noemi Franco
Date: 16th June 2018
Time: 14.00 – 16.00
Studio: Harringay

This workshop will explore the foundations of this amazing system: breath, alignment, flow and the philosophy behind it (Solar/ Lunar and the 5 movements of Prana).


Prana Vinyasa Flow is the system of Vinyasa created by Shiva Rea evolving from the practice of Ashtanga and the philosophy of Hatha Yoga and Tantra. We’ll experience the transformative and regenerative effects of a full Prana Vinyasa Flow practice accompanied by the meditative Live music of Yan White.

About the hosts

Noemi (Yoga Parinama) is a full-time Yoga teacher teaching at Moreyoga and other locations in London. She holds a 500 BWY qualification and 300 hours Prana Vinyasa Flow (Shiva Rea). Noemi’s teaching is deeply influenced by Krinamacharya’s linage of Ashtanga, Viniyoga and Vinyasa Krama.

Yan White (Sound Mandala) is a multi-instrumental musician, producer and student of Hindustani music (bansuri, vocal, tabla) and Sound Journey facilitator.

with Sam Nwokeka
Date: 24th June 2018
Time: 13.00 – 15.00
Studio: Brixton

Do you want a fun and safe environment to practice handstands without the fear of falling into the person next to you? If so, then our MoreYoga Handstand Workshop with Samuel is just right for you!


Samuel found a love of handstands through his yoga practice and since his very first class there hasn’t been a day where he has not been upside down!!!

His theory in flying is that it’s all about putting in the ground work outside of your regular yoga practice with handstand drills. Samuel also personally trains with some of the most prominent hand balancers in London to fine tune his awareness and gain more knowledge about this art.

So whether you haven’t yet kicked your hips over your shoulders or your feet are off the floor more times than they are not then this workshop is just for you.

Samuel has been through every part of this process and he will find something for all to progress on.

What to expect:

• Conditioning – Learning how to correctly warm up wrists, forearms, shoulders & hips
• Strength – Drills on developing the strength in all the right areas
• Handstands – developing confidence on varying handstands (Mainly straight line but also looking at tuck and straddle, looking at the safest and correct alignment for handstands, learning how to safely spot people in handstands, lots of drills to takeaway and further your practice

All levels welcome however do expect to be on your hands and working extremely hard!!!