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Rocket Masterclass

with Leon London

Sunday 17th February, 13.00-15.00
MoreYoga Soho


A long, challenging and inspiring class in which Leon will take the students through a meditative and powerful Rocket Flow.

Set to live inspiring music, this class will be accessible for all levels, with the option to work on floating and handstands throughout the practice, as well as arm balances and transitions from ashtanga’s advanced series.

Supporting each other as we flow through the practice as a yoga Sangha (community), prepare to take yourselves beyond your expectations and limitations, sweating loads and detoxifying the body and mind and re-inspiring your yoga practice!

About Leon
Leon London’s yoga story started 20 years ago, his first practice was with Billy Doyle (BWY), and this was the beginning of a lifelong passion .

Involved in martial arts from a very early age, Leon has always been intrigued by the possibilities and potential of the body, this eventually led him on his journey to study many forms of physical culture; from boxing to capoeira and he became a qualified sports massage therapist in 1999.

Leon has studied Kashmir hatha, vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and rocket /progressive Ashtanga yoga &  hot yoga, and practices Dharma yoga.

Leon previously owned his owned his own yoga and fitness studios, where he taught ( and still teaches) a fusion of arts inspired by practicing along some of the worlds best practitioners; this includes the unique traditional Indian club training & kettlebells, as well as functional style fitness and movement patterns .

Leon has trained with; kino Mc Gregor, Danny Paradise, Patrick Beach, Doug Swenson, David Robson, Miguel Santana, Yuval on hands and at the Ido portal academ .

He humbly cites; Emi Tull (Dharma), David Kyle (Rocket), and David Swenson & Ryan Spielman. And in India; Balu Thevar (Ashtanga) as his teachers, and thanks them for their Knowledge.

Leon undertook Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson (primary and second series) then advanced Rocket /progressive  Ashtanga Vinyasa (300h) with David Kyle, with whom he is a Senior instructor and mentor within his system (Ashtanga yoga Puerto Rico), and also has trained with and taught for Jamie and Dulce (The Yoga People).

He is also an primal flow teacher  fitness and movement coach.

Leon’s students enjoy his vast knowledge  of the body gained over 20 years of experience, and the fun friendly inspiring classes he shares with them. Leon has also conducted 4 inspiring retreats alongside Ambra Velo.

He continues to teach both private students and public classes, as well as workshops and retreats across London and worldwide.

We will also be supporting Project Sweat; Which will bring their Awesome sweat kitbag – designed by female students at St. martins art school London, 25 % of profits go back to CSM, so students can realise there creative potential and 25% goes to ‘Pathways to Promise’, an organisation providing education and financial support to high-potential factory workers and inspiring them to become future leaders.