We are starting to reopen our studios. Everything you need to know to practice with MoreYoga

• Increase of flexibility, strength, muscle tone and tissue, balance and stability.
• Improved Mind and Body Connection
• Improved Blood flow and Circulation

These are a few of the many benefits that come with practicing yoga.

Mostly, we begin our practice with closing our eyes to focus on our breathing without the many distractions around us.  Once we have that connection the breath moves through the body at a smoother pace sending energy to areas that need loosening up = subtleness and fluid movement plus circulation and a happier mind!

When we use our breath we are more open to concentrating and keeping ourselves in the present whilst noticing what works with you within the posture… and what doesn’t.

There is a posture for everything in yoga! From twisting postures to detox and strengthen our muscles and tissues to standing postures that sculpt and tone bodies giving us proud postures!
When we include balancing in our practice we prepare our bodies for stability in life. for example: when we miss our step or bump into something our bodies automatically engage in a sensible position to stabilize =stable protection!

Yoga starts with YOU and your body thanks you for it.