Everyone and their dog (literally) seems to be performing circus tricks worthy of the most carefully curated Insta-feed – but what is acroyoga actually about?

Acroyoga was originally seen as a way to aid yoga therapy. Many of the more basic acroyoga positions can be very relaxing (even if they don’t look that way). However, the world of acroyoga has expanded far beyond its original framework and you’ll see all sorts of crazy combinations online. So what’s the point?

Human contact

Although there is a lot of variety in the ways you can practise acroyoga, they all have one thing in common – you need to be in contact with another person to do it. There’s no quicker way to make friends with a stranger than to handstand on their legs! Most acroyoga classes encourage individuals to come along, so don’t be afraid to sign up if you don’t have a partner.


As you can imagine, it takes a lot of trust to balance on someone else or have a person balance on you! This is a great challenge for people that find it difficult to trust people and can make you feel much closer to the person you’re working with.


Being able to lift someone up using your legs alone, or hold a shape in a crazy balance is a fantastic feeling. You will leave acroyoga with tired hip flexors and a new realisation for how amazing your body really is.