Help us to support
St Mungo’s this October


We are partnering with St Mungo’s to help their mission to end homelessness and rebuild lives, supporting their #wakeuptohomelessness campaign both online and with fundraising events on the ground.

Yoga & Gong Bath, Thursday 3rd October

A playful Mandala practice to get your bodies glowing, before settling into the serenity of the Gong Bath. Lead by Marisa Guerreiro and Rachael Wellford, the evening promises lots of fun, learning and a sense of connection that develops when the right intention meets right means.

About Mandala Flow
Mandala will move you 360 degrees around your mat. The flow focuses on each element and uses all four points of the compass, guiding the movement to create heat and prana for the entire body. Although movement focused and dynamic, the practice begins and ends with a luxurious yin pose for balance, allowing you to prepare and reflect. All levels welcome.

About Marisa Guerreiro
Marisa’s sessions are designed to promote renewal using Pranayamas (breathing techniques) in order to gain a deeper awareness of the body and mind. After years of practice, she found yoga to be an invaluable aid in self-discovery and personal development. She wants to share this insight, which can only be experienced by engaging with the practice itself. With many years of teaching behind her, Marisa’s classes inspire and empower — one at a time. 🙂 

About Rachael Wellford
Rachael, is an inspirational speaker and holistic therapist who has an infectious energy. With passion and knowledge gained directly from personal experience of burn out, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, she teaches with great authenticity and compassion. Years of work to transform unhealthy coping mechanisms as well as extensive training led her to rebuild her life and start her own business, on a mission to help others gaining control of their own lives.

Why Gong Bath?
A great deal of self-work happens unseen, without any conscious act of ‘fixing’. Sound Therapy complements and enhances healing processes already taking place. Working with both subconscious and unconscious mind, many report feelings of elation, floating, and a deep unrivalled relaxation when experiencing sound therapy. Set an intention for the hour, then let it go, and allow yourself to be immersed in the sounds of Tibetan bowls, koshi bells and voice.

Yoga & Meditation, Wednesday 9th October

We’re inviting you to a yoga and short meditation class at the bright and spacious Harringay studio. Enjoy an hour of Morning Flow, which will get your body effortlessly warmed up, followed by a 15 minutes meditation session to give your day a peaceful start. We will gather for some tea, coffee & snacks afterwards, provided in the comfort of the office right next to the studio.
If you haven’t been to yoga for a while, have a friend who’s been hesitant, or haven’t tried us at all before, this is a great opportunity for a relaxed start while contributing to something great at the same time!

About Mel Cohen
Mel’s classes draw on traditional yogic teachings whilst remaining dynamic, breath-focused and playful. She discovered yoga whilst working a stressful corporate job over a decade ago, where she was struggling to switch off until she began to practice. It wasn’t long before it became her way of life. She has a wide range of training covering Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga as well as Hot Yoga. And the study is not yet over! 🙂 Mel never fails to create a welcoming and safe space to explore and challenge both body and mind. She is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga and has, as her aim, for everyone to leave the class re-energised and feel more prepared to take on the world beyond the yoga mat!

Suggested minimum donation is £10. Please note we can only accept donations by cash. All income from proceeds will be given to St Mungo’s.  

A little more

We would love to offer you a wholesome breakfast as the cherry on top of your practice. But as it’s sadly not possible, those attending the event will receive a 15% discount on all courses and classes offered by The Cookery School, where you can learn to create healthy, filling meals yourself. The Cookery School is a cooking school having simplicity and sustainability at their core and we love what they do. For more information please visit:

RESERVE YOUR SPOT – Pay by donation on the day

About St Mungo’s

For nearly 50 years, St Mungo’s has been at the forefront of efforts to tackle homelessness. Each night their 17 outreach teams go out to help people sleeping rough to move away from the streets, and they provide a bed and support to over 2,800 people. They work to prevent homelessness and support people at every step of their recovery from homelessness.