MoreYoga Late Night Lock Ins are an alternative to a usual night out, an opportunity to spend your Friday or Saturday evening doing something that enriches rather than depletes your system. Every  Lock In is inspired by the MoreYoga ethos that we need to look after our health holistically ~ Mind, Body & Spirit and each event will combine Yoga, a Workshop focused on mental well-being and Meditation. This series is part of our  Karma Commitment to giving back with a minimum of 15% of proceeds going to our Charity of the Year SkyWay. 



Bind, Unwind & Be Kind

Saturday 27th April 2019, 2-4.30pm
MoreYoga Harringay
Unit 2/6a High Rd
N22 6BX
£25 with 15% to SkyWay Charity

April is Stress Awareness Month and at MoreYoga we believe in looking after your health holistically so we’re locking in to help release stress in the physical body, calm the mind & lighten your spirit. Stress affects us all and taking some time out can be a revolutionary act of self-care so if you’re feeling stressed out or a little over-whelmed by London life come & join us for an afternoon of soothing Yin Yoga, a Therapeutic Workshop to understand how you can improve your relationship with Stress and a healing Sound Bath. Good Karma also included in each ticket purchase as 15% of all proceeds will go to SkyWay, our charity of the year!

YIN YOGA with Liz Joy Oakley, Head of Vibes at MoreYoga
We will open our afternoon with a nurturing Yin yoga practice, you will be guided through poses and breathe-work to calm the body and help to relax the mind. Liz specialises in teaching Yoga to reduce stress & anxiety and is an advocate for looking at health holistically; taking as much care of your physical health as your mental health. Liz will create a safe space where you can connect back to your whole self – body, mind and spirit through the calming practise of Yin. 

Yin yoga is all about ‘simply being’ with the asanas being held for longer periods of time than usual (normally in-between 3-10 minutes). This time and space in your practice enables the body to gently stretch and heal the connective tissues while also toning, lengthening and refreshing the muscles all over the body. Expect to finish the class in utter bliss with a guided meditation to calm the entire mind, body and soul.

WORKSHOP with Steph Minchin, The Yoga Psychologist
Stress? Strained. Tense. Rigid. Exhausted. Suffering. Spent.
Stress? Someone Trying to Repair Every Situation Solo.
Stress? Stuff to Remember Every Single Second.

Discussing the science behind stress, the workshop will offer psycho-education about the nervous system and share practices to learn stress management techniques, including coherent breathing and mindful sensation body scanning. In exploring the interplay between the physiological and the psychological, the workshop will include reflective written personal practice to encourage individual contemplation… Exploring what stress means to you, how it shows itself in your life, identify the triggers of stressful experiences, consider in what ways stress impacts your personal experiences and learn skills to build your toolbox in managing stress.

IMMERSIVE SOUND BATH with Rachael Welford, Welford Wellbeing
Welford Wellbeing is your high vibes gateway to better mental health. We believe you can master your mental health with small steps towards joy daily, because life’s too short to suffer and you’re more powerful than you know. Founder, Rachael, is here to show you how to access your full potential and get back to normal (whatever that is).

Using sound and scent as an immersive experience to relax mind, body and soul Rachael, will guide you to a place of pure bliss using gong, sacred instruments and essential oils. As you’re coming round from your sound journey Rachael will sing mantras which call in healing and soothe your soul, allow you to feel as if you’re coming home and you are safe.  These sacred sounds and vibrations will reset your nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems to ensure you’re ready to embrace your new stress-free vibe.


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PLUS MINUS MAGAZINE | Dr Stephanie Minchin
19th March 2018

Dr Stephanie Minchin is a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS, a Trainee Yoga Therapist and a Yoga Teacher with weekly yoga classes in Hackney (@theyogapsychologist)

Meet the yoga studio crew who really do give more!
Stepping into a yoga studio on a Saturday night isn’t my usual vibe… Yet swapping dance floors and beats for candles and stretching for the launch of More Yoga’s Late Night Lock Ins was a wonderful experience.
The studio was a cosey haven, with candles and blankets and a gift bag for each yogi. Liz greeted us all with smiles and hugs, her shiney spirit sharing a sense of happiness and fun. Liz led us through a beautiful yoga flow, gentle movements and breath work, ending with restorative poses to nurture the body.

Many of us are used to practicing yoga with music and have a range of yogi-friendly playlists to match the pace of the movements; but listening to live acoustic music whilst flowing on the mat really was something else. Mike’s acoustic guitar was the perfect compliment to the yoga, and Liz and Mike were nicely synced in sound and time with the yoga movements! The dreamy atmosphere created a sense of a community for the workshop, that we were all their together to celebrate ourselves.”

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