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Sunday 5th December



MoreYoga & Yoga Evolved present GIN YIN
Yoga Workshop & Gin Distillery Experience
As featured in Secret London, TimeOut & Evening Standard

Many of us lead fast-paced, demanding, and intensely stressful lifestyles. Gin Yin combines two of the great ways to relax, Yin Yoga and high-quality gin! A restorative Yin workshop with a touch of gin to help slow things down, relax, and unwind.

In this workshop, we will look at several classic Yin poses designed to help to open up the body and calm the mind, alleviating anxiety and reducing stress. Yin Yoga offers deeper access to the body targeting connective tissue, fascia, and ligaments with the aim of lubricating and protecting the joints. In order to target these Yin tissues we must first learn to relax the surrounding muscles. A small amount of alcohol may help to facilitate a sense of calm (in some people), in turn this may help you to achieve the physiological state required to relax more into the poses and achieve the maximum benefit from the practice. You will leave this workshop feeling grounded and revitalised and maybe with a new appreciation for gin!

Gin is an excellent low-calorie choice and is made from juniper berries and other natural botanicals which are full of antioxidants and can help fight illness, improve circulation, reduce bloating and fluid retention and may help keep you wrinkle free – when drunk in moderation, of course. In fact, gin originates from the Middle Ages where it was first developed as a form of herbal medicine!

After class, we will make the short walk to the Jim and Tonic Gin Distillery, located inside the stylish Kraft Dalston.  Here will learn about the distilling process and the history of gin, from the Gin Craze of the 1700s to its recent revival.  We will sample some of the different gins made on-site, before finally relaxing with a well-deserved G&T!

The official event ends here, but if you want to make the most of this rare opportunity to socialise with your fellow yogis, then you will have the opportunity to purchase food and additional drinks at a discounted rate.  Kraft Dalston is also home to the Kraft Beer Brewery, so you certainly won’t be short of drink options!

The Gin Yin Experience is incredible value for money.  For just £25 you get:

  • A measure of high quality Jim & Tonic gin before class
  • A 75 minute yin class
  • An overview of the gin making process at the distillery
  • A talk on the history of gin
  • A gin sampling session exploring Jim & Tonics innovative range
  • A Gin & Tonic
  • 10% discount on additional food and drinks purchased at Kraft Dalston
  • 20% discount to be used at the online store (should you want a bottle for your home Gin Yin practice!

We have found Gin Yin to be a gateway into yoga for many people, so if you have any friends or family members who haven’t yet managed to persuade to join you in class, this may be the perfect event.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not compulsory to consume gin to be able to partake in the workshop. You will still benefit from this without the aid of alcohol and we are happy to provide non-alcoholic alternatives, if requested in advance’