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Deaf Friendly Yoga
in British Sign Language (BSL)
with Bethaney Mouzer, SignYoga
Saturday 21st September 2019, 1
MoreYoga Soho
Marshall Street Leisure Centre
15 Marshall St, London W1F 7EL

What to expect
An inclusive Vinyasa class delivered in British Sign Language (BSL), exclusively for Deaf or Hard of Hearing students. Come and join us for an immersive yoga experience, exploring Sun Salutation A, focussing the mind and working with the breath. This workshop will be delivered by Bethaney Mouzer, a BSL Interpreter, who qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2018. Bringing together the yoga and deaf community by making this adapted yoga practice fully accessible to BSL users.

1.5 Hours Yoga Workshop followed by Q&A

About Bethaney Mouzer
Bethaney is Yoga teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community and has been practising yoga on and off the mat for 5 years. She is passionate about breaking down barriers in the community she has grown up in – enabling and empowering people to access yoga, meditation, wellbeing and self care. She is one of only 4 teachers in the UK qualified yoga teachers teaching in BSL.  Able to hear herself, she was brought up within a deaf family so is bilingual in English and BSL – which has led her to share her passion of yoga with the community.