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An Evening of Sound Magic

with Monica Ruiz
Friday 22nd November
MoreYoga Tower Bridge

Regenerate & Reconnect: An Evening of Sound Magic with Monica Ruiz
Immerse yourself into the soothing and nourishing power of sound and ritual. A blissful and transformative 2h retreat to reconnect with your inner magic. A journey to deeper love and care, where you will be able to de-stress, regenerate and rejuvenate as well as retune into your abundant, loving, creative and divine self.
The healing power of these 14 Ancient Tibetan Bowls will bring your body back into balance, by synchronising our brainwaves with the bowls’ resonance. The bowls’ unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages, waking up our ability to hear with more than our ears, feeling their sound, sensation and vibration in our body, mind and spirit.
The session will cover the following aspects:
– Ritual: Intention setting, Guided Meditation, Kundalini + Pranayama – Chakra Balancing with Energy Healing – Sound therapy with 14 Ancient Tibetan Bowls, essential oils, crystals and other sound healing tools (Shamanic rattle and Tibetan Cymbals) – Yin Meditation
Special considerations: – Please bring with you:
• Extra layers as during the session you might experience changes in body temperature
• Plenty of water to hydrate yourself before and after the session – We recommend for you to allow your body to rest and incorporate the learning and healings happened during the session
Monica is a certified yoga & mindfulness teacher, transformational coach, sound therapist and energy healer. Join her yoga & meditation classes, international retreats & workshops.

Guided Meditation & Gong Bath

with Kalie Jade
Friday 22nd November
MoreYoga Lewisham


With a concept similar to meditation, Sound Therapy can be used to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. Recipients receive healing through the vibrations emitted from various instruments that create a journey with sound.

Sound baths often lead to deep states of relaxation stimulating the nervous system and restoring natural harmony within the body. From attending a sound bath you may experience benefits such as releasing emotional burdens, relieving pain and reducing stress levels whilst also improving sleep and overall wellbeing.

During this workshop Kalie will create a beautiful space to unwind, shifting the focus from daily stress to inner peace, beginning with a guided meditation.

Kalie is a highly intuitive Reiki Master, Psychic Medium and Sound Therapist. She facilitates monthly sound and gong baths in South East London and Kent, alongside pop up wellness workshops and events. Visit her website for more information and be sure to follow her on social media. 

Igniting Inner Insight

with Liz Joy Oakley, Stephanie Minchin and Rachael Welford
Friday 22nd November
MoreYoga Harringay

Reconnect To Your Heart

with Nicole Barton & Liz Joy Oakley
Sunday 24th November
MoreYoga Angel

Gong Bath

with Rachael Welford
Friday 29th November
MoreYoga Angel


This workshop is a mix of reiki energy and sound medicine for your mind, body, and soul. Rachael uses a mix of Reiki as well as Sacred Sound to bathe you in a sonic blanket of relaxing and healing frequencies.

We start the evening with a short introduction to the benefits of Reiki with Sound Therapy and the heart math breathing technique, before laying down to be enveloped in a long sound bath using Gong, Tibetan bowls, koshi bells and voice.

We’ll be working with your conscious, your subconscious and your unconscious mind as well as your physical and energy body to release stress and rebalance all your systems. I’ll help you create a deep feeling of calm and balance, whilst raising your vibration to connect you to your true self. Many people report feelings of elation, floating, out of body experiences and a deep unrivaled relaxation when experiencing sound therapy.

There will be space for sharing and Q&A about your experience afterwards if you wish to share, although privacy is also respected.

***Please note you may wish to bring a bottle of water, wear comfy clothes & bring
additional layers if you tend to get cold. Blanket and yoga mat provided.***
*** Not suitable for the first or last trimester of pregnancy, people who struggle to sit
or lay flat for the duration of the workshop and people who are particularly sensitive to sound including sufferers of PTSD which may be triggered by sound. If you are
worried about how sound therapy may affect a current health condition please consult your Doctor before booking your ticket.

Gin Yin

presented by
MoreYoga & Yoga Evolved
Sunday 8th December
MoreYoga Camden

Pain Rehab: Lower Back Pain

 OsteoYoga Workshop
with Joshua Fein-Brown & Emma Roberts
Sunday 8th December
MoreYoga Bermondsey


Are you suffering from lower back pain? Feeling frustrated because it’s just not getting better no matter what you do? Is the pain starting to tell you what you can and cant do? Wanted to try yoga but worried it may do you more harm than good?

You are not alone – Lower back pain associated with yoga practice is one of the most common complaints but we are here to help! 

Whether it’s back pain that has been going on for a long time or if it’s a recent injury that feels like it needs some movement, Joshua and Emma will be teaching you how to practice in a way that improves your flexibility, coordination, and awareness all whilst making your practice sustainable and enjoyable instead of painful. 

Joshua Fein-Brown, M.Ost, DO, ND – a fully qualified and registered Osteopath, Naturopath, movement expert and pain management specialist – and Emma Roberts from Moreyoga will provide valuable tools in how to make movement your medicine, empowering you to take back control of your health and well being. 

The session will cover:
1) How to listen to the body, wherein understanding why pain exists and learn what not to do and what to do, to help you experience ease within movement, which is key to preventing further injury.
2) What pain is, what its for and how it works in the body and brain. 
3) What it means to stretch – to induce a sensation of ‘oh that feels good’ as opposed to ‘Grrr…this is probably good for me’
4) What flexibility means; how we can open up to unload the strain/restriction to bring about efficiency in movement.
5) How to improve control and practice without pain by slowing down
6) For specific inquiries from each individual when discomfort is felt, we would like to take the time to explore by deconstructing the poses piece by piece—from optimal feet placement to optimal head placement, and everything in between. By sharing, we not only find that you are not alone – that pain associated with yoga practice is not only a common complaint, but a common learning ground that may apply or provide insight to you. Learning through movement by breaking harmful habits and building measurable improvement. And we are here to help.

Having the combination of Osteopathy and yoga is extremely powerful. Osteopathy adopts the evidence-based holistic approach needed to face on-going or long-term injuries, health worries and reconnecting mind, body and spirit. 

Smokin Joga

with DJ Smokin Jo
Friday 13th December
MoreYoga Soho
All Proceeds go to ChooseLove

Yin & Yang with Live Music

with Kathy Richardson
Sunday 12th January
MoreYoga Soho

Back by popular demand, a Yin to Yang practice taught by Kathy Richardson with live music by Alex Paton 
In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. We will begin with a Yin practice to apply stress (the good kind) to our connective tissue, aiding circulation, range of motion and flexibility. In time adding in the fire element to the practice, building up to a generous and creative flow, in and out of the floor, drawing from different movement vocabularies with lots of time to play and explore interesting transitions. Having become both lost and present in motion we’ll settle down for a deeply restorative Savasana and meditation. All of this accompanied by the beautiful live music from Alex. It’s going to be magical!

Mindfulness Party

with Katrina Madrilejo
Saturday 18th January
MoreYoga Croydon


Mindfulness Party: Celebrating Movement, Massage and Meditation

MMM is about a mindful social workshop where you get to experience and understand your own body and the body of others around you. It’s the three skills that I am passionate about in one workshop!

M – Movement – inspired by my professional dance background.

We will start off by mindful and mobility movements that allow you to notice your individual and unique body. Exercises will focus on warming up the body especially our joints and breathing exercises. As it is a social workshop, we will get in pairs and start off with exercises that encourage trust with each other and everyone in the space using your own breath.

M – Massage – inspired by my LOVE of massages and a short Ayurveda massage course I took in India.

Once we have oxygenated and mobilised our body while building trust with our partners, we go into our massage party. The main event of our workshop! I will guide you to mindful movements and stretches that will loosen and lengthen your body and mind. Time for you to relax and your partner to deepen your movements with care and safety. I will provide massage oils and lotions from Neals Yard Remedies (where I am an independent consultant).

M – Meditation – inspired by my Yoga and Meditation training.

We finish off with complete relaxation in Savasana with a guided meditation to restore you for the rest of the week. After taking care of the bodies of everyone in the room, this will be your ME time. Time to reflect and let go of any blockages mentally and physically and make room to a fresh start in the coming week.

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we can tailor make a yoga programme that will suit you.

Please contact Rebecca, rebecca@moreyoga.co.uk to discuss opportunities.