The first time you look at the schedule for your local yoga studio, it can be overwhelming. If you don’t know your vinyasas from your virabhandrasana, here’s a quick guide on what to expect in each class.


Restorative yoga does what it says on the tin. Great for those with injuries or who need to limit their range of movement, this form of yoga uses props to support the body’s release. You’ll be holding poses for a long time, so make sure you’re comfortable, and adjust yourself if you feel tingling or numbness anywhere. The ultimate supported nap.


This class is all about finding your edge and letting go. Made up of only four or five poses, you will spend around five minutes in each position. This is a great class for those looking for relaxation and deep opening. It might seem easy at first, but staying still in a hip opener for three minutes can be emotionally very intense.


Vinyasa is all about finding meditation in movement. If you’re new to the spiritual side of things, that basically translates to lots of fluid movements at a fairly fast pace. You will sweat a bit in these classes, but you’ll leave feeling warmed up and limber. Although Vinyasa sequences have the same foundation, they can vary a lot from teacher to teacher. Try a few classes out and see which sequences you enjoy best!


Ashtanga is one of the stricter forms of yoga that you’ll encounter, with set sequences that you’ll come to know (and love, we promise) the more you go. The focus on the breath is important in all forms of yoga, but ashtangis place particular emphasis on ujayyi breath (which sounds a lot like Darth Vader). Prepare to sweat, chant, and feel great afterwards.


Not for the fainthearted, Rocket yoga is designed to ‘get you there faster’. Based on ashtanga, this system includes more challenging postures, like inversions and arm balances. Even if you’re very physically fit, get ready for a challenge in Rocket. You’re going to sweat. A lot. It’ll feel wonderful when you’re done, but expect DOMs for days if you’re new to yoga.

Give something new a try this week! Like everything in life, it’s all about balance. Add some yang to your yin, or yin to your yang to stay on a level.