Waiting lists can be your friend

We have a lot of movement with bookings so we encourage people to use the waiting lists for classes that are fully booked.

Anyone joining the waiting list needs to have their email and/or text notifications turned on so that they can be notified that they have been added to a class. 

How to turn on your notifications

To do this, first log in to your account on our website.
Press LOG IN
Log in to account using your email and password

Then click account info 

Scroll down to the bottom to “Communication Preferences” 

And check mark the “Account management” and “Schedule management” sections 

It is a good idea to check “News & Promos” too to stay in the loop for special offers and events

Always check to make sure you have been added to the waitlist for your preferred class. 

If a place becomes available more than 3 hours before the class begins you will be slotted in automatically and notifications will be sent to your devices.

The waiting list closes 3 hours before any one class so if you’re not added before then you will have to do it manually.

Last minute spots often become available.

You can always check the schedules for last minute spots and students often late cancel.
You won’t be added to the class automatically less than 3 hours before the class, but you can keep your eye on things to see if something comes up.