Zoë began her career as an assistant editor in film, an exciting job that took her on adventures around the world. But over time the glamorous exterior cracked open, leaving her feeling exhausted with a deep yearning for something more. She found this by getting on her yoga mat and seeing how her physical practice created space in the mind, bringing focus, clarity and balance back into her life.

Zoë teaches fun, inclusive and dynamic vinyasa flow yoga, based on the rocket system. She encourages her students to listen and sensitise – to the breath, the body and the feeling of the whole pose.

Zoë is encouraging, kind and strong and aims to facilitate your practice rather than dictate it. You have the freedom to rest in child’s pose or jump into a handstand, always in a safe and welcoming environment.

Zoë continues to study regularly with her teachers The Yoga People, and more recently with Jason Crandell.

“Zoe is encouraging, kind, strong and aims to facilitate your practice rather than dictate it. Rest, float, fly – just keep breathing!”