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Yvonne O’Garro


Restorative & Hatha Yoga Teacher

Yvonne has been practising yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2018. Yvonne has recently graduated with a 350-hour Yoga Teacher Diploma from triyoga, London and holds a 33-hour Restorative Practices certificate also from triyoga.

Yvonne is passionate about Restorative Yoga and the benefits it can have on our bodies; the practice allows the nervous system to shift from “fight or flight” into a relaxation response (Sympathetic to Parasympathetic  nervous system). 

Restorative yoga poses are all supine and are held between 5 – 15 min; using bolsters, blankets and blocks to aid your relaxation and allowing you to reconnect with your breath whilst being fully supported by the props. The practice increases your well-being as the calming and safe environment lifts your mood, contributing to stress relief.

During a Restorative class Yvonne will guide you into 4 or 5 postures; both symmetrical and asymmetrical, providing the body with a total sense of ease, leaving the studio more relaxed than on arrival.

Yvonne invites students to notice how āsana (poses) feel different between right and left side of the body; given we are all taller/shorter/tighter on one side compared to the other; her Hatha style is mindful, grounded and alignment focused. Yvonne encourages a conscious breath during classes to keep connected to self.

Yvonne has had a long career as a HR Business Partner which she has recently moved to working part time to achieve a better personal balance which allows her to increase her offerings as a Restorative & Hatha Yoga Teacher. Yvonne feels that Restorative Yoga can also contribute to workplace well-being and decrease the 15.4 million days lost to stress related sickness absence last year, 44% cited reason as Workload*

Yvonne teaches Restorative and Hatha Yoga classes with MoreYoga as well a corporate and private classes; Yoga Assistant to Anna Ashby and Panilla Marott at triyoga Camden, Shoreditch.

*HSE: Work related stress depression or anxiety statistics in Great Britain, 2018