Vivienna Ng


Vivienna was introduced to yoga in 2009, and has been practicing various styles of yoga since. 

Ahimsa (non-violence) and satya (truthfulness) are the two yamas she finds herself drawn to and it reminds her everyday to be gentle with herself, not just physically but also mentally. 

Yoga has been transformative for her, and she aspires to share with many more the benefits of asanas and yogic philosophy.

In her classes, Vivienna is attentive with a strong focus on safety and alignment; offering options for poses to cater to every level and physical ability. She encourages students to tune in to how they feel in their bodies and their minds rather than to push into the idea of what the pose ‘should’ look like. She is positive, encouraging, calm and friendly, and she hopes to share bite sized philosophy nuggets that the students can take home and apply in their daily lives.