Steve began practising yoga in 2012 when he travelled to New Zealand and from that point on he was hooked. Steve began to practice at breeze occasionally and participate in online yoga classes and began to experience the benefits that yoga had to offer.

With this new-found love he began to change his approach even to his own training and his clients as he is a professional personal trainer of six years.

It wasn’t until the last year that Steve wanted to ramp up his training, so he travelled to the sampoorna school of yoga in India to fully immerse himself in his teacher training. Upon reflection, Steve realised that in his greatest time of need yoga became much more than a physical practice. He has now committed to turning his training and teachings for longevity concentrating more on movement and mobility. Also incorporating inversions into his classes.


“Steve brings his cheeky chappy nature to his classes but also instils strength and confidence to his students helping them grow into a stronger and confident practitioner in a fun but challenging way.”