Samuel was finally getting his football career back on track when a skiing accident ended his playing days at the beginning of 2016. Once recovered he was not able to play football and needed something else in his life to fill the void, he decided to build on his very limited yoga experience, and he became hooked, it was one of his teachers who saw something in him and said he should do his teacher training, and since that moment the thought never left his mind.

Samuel also worked in the city since leaving university and yoga provided the escape to be the person he wanted to be, and now he wants to share that feeling he gets with others.

His teaching method is fun with an emphasis on energetic queues and breath allowing all of the students in his class to feel the practice. His classes are powerful, fun and yet spiritual they will have you flying but also leave you feeling very grounded.

One of his favourite yoga quotes is: “You are stronger than you think” – Larry Schultz


Samuel’s class is fun yet challenging with an emphasis on breath and movement, with a few arm balances along the way”