Leanne Natkaniec


Leanne is a passionate student of yoga dedicated to sharing this knowledge and igniting in you the curiosity to rediscover your self and live a healthier, happier life.  She came to yoga after many years studying fashion , living in Spain and then working in the food and wine industry. She was fed up with being tired all of the time and wanted to ease daily aches and fatigue, but she got so much more than that, she was instantly more energised and happy! and wanted more.  The yoga teachings have transformed her as a person, making her more steady, aware and peaceful. She feels blessed to be able to share this with others, she loves to teach Ashtanga, Yin and Meditation.

Leanne practices what she preaches and will safely guide you through a well designed sequence whilst encouraging you to approach the true state of yoga. Inner peace and calm is reached through awareness of the body and the breath, steadying the senses and the mind.  She enriches her classes with elements of mindfulness, the subtle body, bandha mechanics, pranayama and mantra.