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Katka Crinion


Katka discovered yoga about 15 years ago in the gym as a form of stretching to compliment her active lifestyle. It wasn’t until she was challenged by a teacher, who let the class play with difficult poses, that weren’t achievable for her at the time, that she decided to explore the yoga philosophy and practice more.

She joined the Yoga London teacher training in 2013 with no intention to teach. Katka left the course inspired having improved her practice; her body had gone to an adventurous place that she had only dreamed about before. She became strong and more flexible, but Kat also felt the shift in other parts of her life, like how she dealt with everyday issues and interacted with people. Since then she personally enjoys Acro yoga, Anti-gravity yoga and pilates, which bring different flavour to the vinyasa class.

Kat wants to challenge people with her classes.

She demonstrates challenging poses and her classes are varied each time and full of energy. However, yoga is a personal practice and no one knows your body more than you, so you decide far you take it on any particular day.

Kat will always suggest plenty of modifications and make sure your practice is safe and fun. 

Kat’s classes are varied each time and full of energy”