João is an Andorra-born yoga teacher and Reiki healer, devoted to his Dharma of helping others awakening to their truth, to Love.

Having suffered from depression since a young boy, his yoga journey started in Portugal over 11 years ago when upon watching an Asana practice, a seed was planted. He now calls it a moment of grace.

However, the Lotus only started to blossom when he moved to London to take his second MA in Film. Always drawn to the esoteric and having learnt much from the Shamanic culture, it was only after having experienced the stillness and life-changing benefits of the Yogic lifestyle in such a dynamic city, that he travelled to India where he qualified to teach Hatha as an apprentice of Yogi Ashokananda, still his devoted teacher.

He later furthered his studies with Norman Blair, adding Yin Yoga to his teachings. This coming September he will take a Restorative teacher training with Anna Ashby and also further his studies with Yogi Ashokananda (on his Meditation teacher training).

Inspired by his Guru’s – Adyashanti – Satsang’s, João endeavours to re-member his student’s on enquiring the true meaning of Yoga as a holistic system. From the Sanskrit word Yuj which etymology translates as, similarly to the Latin origin of the word Religion (‘Religare’), ‘to yoke, to bind’. Hence, though not a follower of any religion or doctrine, he often describes himself as a religious man.

With a high focus on Pranayama, João likes to emphasize on how the breath should be used not only as a cleansing tool but, more so, as a language to communicate, to open a dialogue between Mind, Body and Soul – reestablishing balance through the opening of the chakras. Ha (Sun, masculine) and Tha (Moon, feminine). Yin and Yang.

Let the coiled Serpent awaken.


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Let the coiled serpent awaken