Elle practiced Yoga for many years unknowingly, as her time in the music industry feeling the beauty of the beat taught her how to live in the moment and practice mindfulness.

Learning the strength of bringing people together for a positive outcome, she attempted to practice Yoga on the road but felt something kept her too exhausted to commit fully to this new way of life. Burnt out after being in a touring Electro Punk band spending years not taking part in any self care she decided to retire her dancing shoes to find a greater sense of purpose on the mat.

Her spiritual awakening happened after learning about Chakras and the Energetical body and she is now on a mission to bring her message of ‘Work your Light’ to her students to help them find their way home.

She has a strong connection with music in her classes and brings a fresh and innovative energy like being at a show by connecting her natural rhythmic style with different types of flow yoga, chanting and meditation to form my own unique style. She founded the “Rock n Roll Yoga” movement, Yoga set to Metal and Rock n Roll Music and plans to take this to the studios in late 2019.

Outside of yoga, her main passions include Vegetarian Cooking, Cats, Going to Gigs and Moonology.

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“Elle’s class focuses on the breath and coming from the music industry there’s a strong emphasis on the playlist which sets the vibe for every session”