Diana Nitu


Quite the classic story here but absolutely amazing and unique to me. I was struggling with severe depression in 2013 and decided to give yoga a try as I had heard it helps. I decided to go straight to the main source and I booked a one way ticket to India at the beginning of 2014 and spent the first few weeks in Sivanada Ashram, practicing, studying and living a traditional yogic life. 

It was a truly healing and awakening experience. There, in the beautiful tropical forests of Kerala, I regained access to faith, joy, ease, compassion, love and so many beautiful gifts this precious life on Earth has. I made a promise to myself to keep learning and share this ancient treasure to as many people as I can. And so I did. 

I have trained as a multistyle yoga instructor 200h and spent many months travelling and studying yoga from South of India all the way up to the Himalayas. In the same way this classic story is unique to me, so is yoga unique for each person. It is a personal journey to the Self. I feel honoured to address this uniqueness of each day, each moment and each person and, through the power of yoga, create harmony and balance in my students’ physical and emotional lives. 

Healing breaths, a clear intention, a safe, aware and open way of moving from the head into the body and into the Soul, is what I strive to incorporate in all my classes whether it’s Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Foundations, Ashtanga, Yin or Restorative.