Christina Miles


Christina started her yoga journey 4 years ago in a bid to find other ways to deal with anxiety. Always having a passion for the health and fitness industry Christina was instantly hooked by the practice and amazed by the therapeutic benefits that it had on both her mind and body. As an ex dancer Christina had developed a spinal and hip injury which cleared up as a result of her newly emerging passion for yoga. 

Fast forward 4 years and Christina is now a qualified Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga teacher who values the internal and external health benefits of the ancient practice designed for optimal health. Christina promotes balance throughout her classes and sees yoga as a way to not only align, lengthen and strengthen the body but to also calm, restore and relax the mind.

Christina has a wonderful sense of rhythm which she has taken from her dancing background and natural movement ability. Christina draws on her knowledge of anatomy and alignment as well as mindfulness and breath work throughout her classes. It is through her Power Yoga and Dynamic Flow classes that Christina puts these elements into practice, adapting from traditional sequencing, creating a fluid, therapeutic and meditative flow. 

Christina is a bundle of joy who’s energy shines high throughout her classes. Christina will take you on a spiritual journey that both uplifts and soothes your soul. Expect dynamic movements, energising music and restorative flows as Christina works towards balancing out the body and mind.