Looking for a way to reduce stress caused by a hectic career in finance, Chris turned to yoga. Since starting his practice in 2011, he’s not only seen a remarkable reduction in stress, he’s also experienced an improvement to his mental awareness as well as the many snowboarding injuries incurred while living in Vancouver.

He feels more open, balanced and enjoys a calmer state of mind.

 After meeting his teacher Mark Kan in 2015, Mark helped Chris develop a strong asana practice while introducing him to pranayama, psychic development and other traditional yogic techniques. Always wanting to learn more, Chris completed a 200-hour multidisciplinary teacher training program created by Mark Kan and Gingi Lee at the Shala School of Yoga in South London, and is certified to teach practices evolved from Ashtanga and Dharma Yoga.

 Chris teaches regularly in London and looks forward to enriching the lives of his students both physically and mentally. 

Chris offers a challenging and dynamic practice to open and strengthen the mind and body with uplifting music and options for all levels