Studio Co-ordinator

After working as a commodity broker in London for seventeen years, Charlotte took her very first yoga class to avoid total burnout. From her first time on the mat, Charlotte realised that yoga was the path for her.

Yoga has completely touched my life and I have learned so much from it. The physical practice of yoga and breath extension has guided me into a complete awareness of the body, which then led to the soul and eventually to a deeper understanding of the mind, and the nature of understanding the self and how to heal the self”.

Charlotte believes that she is still a student – after all, the journey never really ends! She is committed to sharing her physically, mentally and spiritually binding practice with everyone.

After completing over 700 hours of teacher training her guidance remains strongly with Stewart Gilchrist, her first teacher. She continues to be highly influenced and very blessed by his inspirations.

Join our very own spiritual warrior for an awesome playlist, hard work (in a good way) and a nurturing experience.

“Charlotte’s class is dynamic and fun. She is a spiritual warrior who will make you work hard in a loving and caring way. Expect a high emphasis on music too.”