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Are you familiar with tapas? No, we’re not referring to Spanish small dishes.. 


In yoga, Asana is part of the 8 limbs of Yoga, and one of these limbs is Niyamas, which includes positive duties. One of these duties is tapas, which translates to ‘austerity’ or ‘discipline’. This Sanskrit term ‘tap’ means ‘to burn’ and encourages us to cultivate self-discipline, passion, and courage to eliminate impurities from our body, mind, and emotions. With determined effort, we can change, become stronger and more confident, and purify and focus our minds.


How can we integrate tapas into our yoga practice?


Make Time for Practice

Building discipline into your yoga routine can be challenging, but tapas inspires us to find time for it, even when we’re not in the mood. Although it may be difficult, connecting with our passion to improve will encourage us to commit to our practice. Remember, practice does not necessarily entail attending a class every day. You can also practice breathing exercises or meditation online at WellnessTV. Even when you can’t leave the house, you can still maintain consistency. Your body and mind will thank you!


Challenge Yourself

Are there any poses that you avoid because you find them difficult or unpleasant? Do you avoid meditation because you feel uneasy in silence? Tapas urges you to try those moves you dislike or take that extra chaturanga. This doesn’t mean you need to push yourself beyond your limits; simply challenge yourself once in a while.


Practice with Intention

Our attitude and dedication matter when we practice yoga. It’s easy to lose focus and let our minds wander. However, the next time you step onto your mat, practice tapas by moving and breathing with intention. Remember that yoga teachings extend beyond the mat. Embrace tapas in your daily life by ignoring the voices in your head that tell you that you’re not good enough. Keep practicing, keep showing up, and keep your yoga passion going.

About Anna de Sousa

Anna is a London-based yoga teacher & Content Creator. After teaching yoga full-time for a couple of years, she joined the Digital Marketing team at MoreYoga to spread the word about wellness even further. Anna is fun and energetic, and she brings her warm personality to everything she does.