MoreYoga Old Street

202 City Road, EC1V 2PH

New to yoga? This is the perfect time to try a few classes to get a feel for it. We’re dedicated to bringing more people into yoga and know you’ll feel right at home at our studios, with classes suitable for beginners right through to advanced. With 5 classes to use over 5 consecutive days you’ll find your yoga feet in no time. NEW CLIENTS ONLY.

No excuses now! Open to new and existing clients, our incredible £15 First Month NO CONTRACT enables you to establish a regular practice with no financial barrier. With access to all of our studios and over 900 classes a week, we’re confident you’ll want to stay on once you discover the enormous health benefits that yoga brings to your life. Start Now!

Find what works for you! Our pricing structure is designed to be accessible and affordable. We want to deliver amazing yoga classes with brilliant instructors at reasonable rates. You can choose which option suits you according to your budget and usage. We offer memberships for high frequency users right through to smaller blocks for those that want to come once in a while. START TODAY!

Welcome to MoreYoga Old Street

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover – the door of our Old Street studio may look like a normal wooden door, but inside you’ll find our most intimate studio. Absolutely perfect for a relaxing Yin class, our Old Street studio is the best place to be when you want to relax and unwind. Book in to a restorative class now to enjoy small group tuition in a cosy atmosphere.

Find Us

By Train: Old Street – Northern Line
By Bus: 43, 205, 214, N205

Old Street Timetable

For a description of each class, click on the class link.

Please note we are currently operating a slightly reduced Summer Timetable across MoreYoga studios


At MoreYoga we have a 'Self Sign In' system - which means we expect our clients to check themselves into class using the ipads located at the studios. By having no reception, we pass that saving onto to you, but we need you to work with us to ensure the smooth running of the studios and so everyone can enjoy MoreYoga.

There are fines for No Shows and Late Cancellations, so make sure you sign in if you are there!


Please be respectful of other MoreYoga clients and cancel early if you can't come to class. If you don't cancel outside the 3 hours cancellation window (very fair!) we will have to charge you. Charges will be £10 for No Shows and £6 for Late Cancellation and you will lose session if you are on High/Med/Low Usage memberships or on PAYU. We want to reduce the problem with No Shows and Late Cancellations and encourage our clients to treat the studios as a community and respect other MoreYogis.


Try us out!

£5 for 5 Classes

Valid for 5 consecutive days from date of first visit.

New To Yoga?

Are you new to Yoga and not quite sure where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place, welcome to the family!
Behind every great Yogi is a story of how they started and we’re excited to start this journey with you. We'll guide you through what to expect and which type of classes might suit you best.

Usage Based Monthly Memberships

Monthly Rolling Membership. 2 Months Minimum.
Access all studios. Cancel whenever you like T&Cs

Low Usage 

£35 per month
4 sessions per month


*2 Months Minimum

Medium Usage

£50 per month
8 sessions per month


*2 Month Minimum

High Usage

£65 per month
12 sessions per month


*2 Month Minimum


£75 per month
Best Value


*2 Months Minimum

Terms & Conditions

No contract. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. All sessions to be used within one month. Sessions left cannot be carried over into a new month or future class packs. Rolling membership automatically renews until such time as you cancel.




4 Class Pass - £34 

Only £8.50 per class
Valid for 2 months from purchase date

4 Class Pass - £34 

Only £8.50 per class
Valid for 2 months from purchase date

8 Class Pass - £60

Only £7.50 per class
Valid for 3 months from purchase date

12 Class Pass - £84

Only £7.00 per class
Valid for 4 months from purchase date

24 Class Pass - £156

Only £6.50 per class
Valid for 5 months from purchase date

What our clients say...

Discover why over 10,000 Londoners come to MoreYoga every week!


MoreYoga has transformed my mind and my body - I no longer have sciatica (which I had every day for 4 years) and I can now get up at 6am and go and do exercise before work and i really notice improvements every single day in my strength and flexibility and every week I notice gradually that exercises I just could not do at all 6 months ago, I now do with pleasure! I cannot recommend MoreYoga highly enough - thank you!


I’ve been to quite a lot of MoreYoga classes and venues and I keep coming back as they are the best in town. All teachers are absolutely brilliant and everything else in each studio is so thoughtful and collated with so much love and consideration. I’d highly recommend any MoreYoga class and venue. Keep up the good work!


Great variety of teachers and types of practice. I've enjoyed the challenging poses and practicing new types of yoga.


Fantastic variety of classes, very qualified teachers, and the best yoga mats I've ever practiced on. Very affordable for the high quality.


The studios of MoreYogas are truly amazing! Teachers are great and you can choose between a wide variety of different classes! I highly recommend it!


I joined MoreYoga with the great value introductory offer of £15 for 20 days and so far I’m very impressed with all the classes and will be buying a membership package. Really liking the new Soho studio, good variety of classes and professional instructors. Thank you MoreYoga for helping me reconnect with regular authentic yoga practice at affordable prices.


What a great discovery MoreYoga studio in Clapham! Cheaper than other studios around this area and all the teachers are professionals. I really do enjoy going there and feel the difference after 4 months - very happy!


All the teachers at MoreYoga are fantastic and I love the variety of classes (Rocket and Yogasana are my favourites!). Also the app is really easy and convenient to use (even for a technophobe like me)!


Fantastic teachers, lot of different classes . The app is super easy and handy to book last minute classes or plan in advance. Have tries different studios and they are all amazing.


I recently joined more yoga and have found the classes amazing. The teachers are all fab and so articulate with their instructions. The studio is warm and tranquil and the app is super easy to book classes! Would defo recommend


I really like the warmth and the integrity the teachers bring to each class. Tower Bridge is an amazing and cosy studio. But there are plenty of other choices of studios/locations anywhere in London and that’s what so great about More Yoga. Would recommend to all my friends and beyond!


Fantastic spaces, inspiring teachers and totally reasonable prices given how expensive yoga in London can be! It's a no brainer!!


I love my local more yoga. Good range of classes at useful times of day, good to stretch out and fill the dark hours of winter.


I was never a 'yoga person' before I found MoreYoga, more or less gave up getting good at it, let alone enjoying it. But these classes are fun, flexible membership options make it affordable and the range of classes (from the relaxing to the challenging) is ideal for someone wanting to test the water.

I really enjoy the classes at my local studio (Finsbury Park) and have gone from zero interest to attending classes up to 3 times a week. There's a class here for everyone - highly recommend!


I love MoreYoga - it allows anyone to try yoga with fair prices and a wide range of locations! It’s perfect for anyone who is on a “fast” type of routine and needs to stop for one second and focus on themselves.


I've been with MoreYoga for almost a year now and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start exploring yoga in all its variety. I love the flexibility (studios are available all over London), the timing is great no matter if you work full time or not, I find it easy to get into the classes I want. It is great value for money too. I am very happy that my yoga journey started with MoreYoga.