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As sober early morning raves sweep the country with rising popularity, the prospect of getting up at 6am to dance with people covered in glitter becomes more and more appealing.

At MoreYoga, we appreciate a bit of balance in life (and a bottle of red every now and then) – we’ll turn up for drinks on a Thursday, but well sure as heck be on the mat come Friday night. For many of us, alcohol is an important part of our social lives – so what on earth should you expect when booze is taken out of the equation?

Having undertaken a very necessary mission to find out by attending Morning Gloryville’s Beach Party in Brixton earlier this summer, here’s the scoop on sober raves.

Everywhere. All over. Including on you. Glitter is the way to go for a sober rave, whether it’s on your face or part of your sequined play suit. The shinier you are, the better!

*Sober People*
Yes, we know this sounds ridiculous. But after years of side-stepping punters who are one pint too deep, mingling with sober people in a club atmosphere is almost surreal.

Like, actual conversation. More complex than simply shouting “SHOTS!” at each other. And not necessarily with people you know! If you’re worried about being shy, never fear. The atmosphere at MGV is all about acceptance – you can sit silently for as long as you want or chat away with any old randomer. Awkward turtles are very, very welcome.

*A Range of Ages*
Even if children make you shudder, you won’t be bothered by them at a sober rave because let’s face it – they’re cooler than we’ll ever be already. Generally kids stay with their parents and take part in the many activities available. You, on the other hand, may find yourself throwing shapes on the dance floor next to granny dressed as a unicorn!

*House Music*
We won’t lie – house is not our favorite genre. But, it actually works really well with this kind of event. The dancing is non-stop and so is the beat. MGV often have a guest DJ or two and you’ll certainly know a few of the bigger names.

*Yoga & Massage*
There’s nothing quite like doing a vinyasa flow dressed in glitter to house music. An experience that you’d never plan but never regret! After you’re stretched out, relax even more with a chair massage.

*Tasty, Tasty Food*
Bring some cash for the tasty vegan snacks, juice and coffee that come with the sober rave. You’d be missing out if you didn’t feel the high of a coco power smoothie on the dance floor!

That’s a sober rave in a nutshell – surreal, strange and unfamiliar. We can’t wait for the next one!

Catch the MoreYoga team at Morning Gloryville’s crossover with Bestival on August 23rd.