London's Most Affordable Yoga Membership - £1 FIRST MONTH Then 1/2 Price For Life (£39pcm)

Why Self Sign In?

We are a reception-free facility which means we can make your membership cheaper. We pass the saving on to you and in return we ask that our members take the responsibility to sign themselves in for class. Remember, it’s a small ask in the grand scheme of things.

How Do I Self Sign In?

We’ve tried to make things as simple as possible. iPads have been installed at every studio and if you follow the instructions below you should be fine.  Our instructors will be able to help you while we make his transition.

Step 1.

Check in by completing the green box at bottom right

Step 2.

Confirmation of being check in will appear on the screen

Step 3.

You will then be able to see yourself signed in at bottom of the list

What happens if the iPad isn’t working?

All technology has gremlins and from time to time the self sign in system may not be running. Don’t Panic. In these instances the instructors or the helpers will be taking the register as they used to do. We will always know if there was an issue with the class register as we can see live timetables in the central office.

What if I can’t make class?

We just need you to give us 3 hours notice so other people on waiting list can take your place. We feel that 3 hours is a fair cancellation window. It also gives others adequate notice if they can attend.

We understand that things come up. We have reduced the cancellation window from 9 hours to give people the opportunity to cancel at a later stage if their plans change. All we ask is that you let us know in enough time that someone else can use that spot in class.

TIP: Did you know you can LATE BOOK classes? Classes stay open for booking right up until classes begin. If you’re unsure about your schedule, just wait and book into classes once you’re sure you can make it.

Why will I be charged for No Shows and Late Cancels?

We are introducing these policies to combat people not turning up to class and stopping others from enjoying MoreYoga. The best way to do this is by charging people fees as a disincentive. If we still find repeat offenders, we will look at reducing their access to classes as it is simply not fair to other people.

This is a big problem with some of our more popular classes and ruins everyone’s fun.

MoreYoga is serious about creating an atmosphere that encourages committed practice and a sense of belonging, rather than just going somewhere for an hour. We want to build a community.

What are the charges for No Shows and Late Cancels?

£10 for No Shows and £6 for Late Cancels.

Please note that charges are applied separately from our current class management system. If you are on a PAYU or one of our monthly capped rolling contracts, your class will be deducted from your allowance. Same as before. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

We want to reduce the problem with No Shows and Late Cancellations and encourage our clients to treat the studios as a community and respect other MoreYogis. That is the goal.


Respect your other MoreYogis. Let someone else come to class.

Basically, it all boils down to the fact that when you late cancel or no show you are stopping others from doing a class. If you know you can’t come, let us know as early as possible to allow others to get in.