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What our clients say…

I absolutely LOVE this yoga studio! I’d been searching for the perfect studio for a couple of years and I was lucky enough for this amazing studio to open up just 5 minutes walk away from where I live, a year ago. The teachers are the best I’ve ever experienced, there is a real variety of styles and personalities, I must have experienced 15+ teachers and I haven’t had a bad one yet. Great value too whether you buy class passes or the monthly membership. If you’re really into your yoga try this studio you won’t regret it!


I am really home there – only place in London which isn’t pretentious. Down to earth, good teachers, super cheap. Good vibes at every spot – Aldgate, Finsbury Park, Old street and soon Harringay – can’t wait!


It’s been two months I have been going to More Yoga and I love it! All the instructors are really good and professional, and it is a pure joy to go to their class after a long day at work or to relax on a Sunday. Would recommend!!


I’ve just started at MoreYoga Finsbury Park, and I’m loving it so far! The £10 for 10 days offer is a great way to try out different types of classes at different times of day, so I can see what fits in best with my schedule.


I’ve recently started going to the More Yoga studio in Exmouth Market and it’s a really great space. The classes at lunchtime are a perfect break from work.


I’ve been doing the 10 days of yoga for £10 and I’ve really enjoyed it! The classes are varied in style and the groups are small. The studios are well located (my favourite is the one at Old Street!) and the teachers are all genuinely great. I’d highly recommend More Yoga to anyone.


I joined More Yoga a month ago after doing one of their amazing intro offers (10 days for £10 – you can’t argue with that!). There are many things that I think are excellent about this company. First of all, the range of payment offers is so flexible; so you can buy blocks of sessions (that average out to just £6 per class) or you can go for unlimited passes (tied to one studio or for all 3 studios). The studios themselves are really good spaces and in such convenient locations. I work in Old street so do lunch time yoga there but at the weekends do classes at their wonderful Finsbury Park studio which offers Rocket Yoga, Juvamukti, Vinyassa Flow, and the blissful Yin Yoga. The teachers are fantastic, each has their own unique style and will encourage you to focus on different aspects from breathing to balances to meditation. 
Overall, good quality, plenty of choice, super flexible, and one of the most affordable studios in London (trust me I shopped around). 
I highly recommend!


Loved this studio! So close to home, and the flow class I went to was amazing, challenging but accessible! Looking forward to my candlelit flow tonight!


Moreyoga is great! I use the mindbody app to book my classes and buy bulk so it’s very easy and a great price. Would definitely recommend the 10-day intro offer for unlimited classes for 10 pounds, you get to try out different classes and see what’s best for you before you sign up for more.


Excellent instructors at all of the More Yoga studios! I use the Finsbury Park location and have been a student here for almost a year. It’s such a great spot with easy transport links. It is really the best yoga I have done in London. I never get bored as the timetable offers a lot of variety so from one day to the next you can chose from a range of yoga styles to practice. Some days I crave that high energy yoga and other days I just need to meditate.


A really friendly and welcoming handful of studios! Easy to sign up with helpful staff and smiles welcome before and after classes. I’ve tried two studios so far can’t wait to try them all!


MoreYoga Finsbury Park is a truly fantastic studio to practice in.
The instructors are great and there is a large range of classes to choose from: whether you are into a dynamic practice or the space to meditate it is the perfect environment to develop your yoga skills. The location could not be better within 2-3 walking from Finsbury Park station. Excellent first timers’ offer to start you off (£10 for 10 days) and to convince you to stay!


My friends and I recently joined the new Aldgate studio and are so in love with it already. We have already learned some exciting new poses and I’m looking forward to advancing my practice!


I’ve been going to the Finsbury branch for a while now and it’s been great. Love the class times and variety too, all teachers are excellent as well. Overall, highly recommended.


I bought the 10 days for £10 offer and lived it! There’s a range of teachers and styles so it’s hard not to find something to enjoy. It’s nice to be able to choose between lots of classes to match my energy levels.


Great yoga studio with a range of classes throughout the day and on the weekends. The instructors are very knowledgeable, I especially recommend Jai Sekhon’s classes on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.


Wow oh wow! The yoga at moreyoga, Old Street has genuinely changed my life. I joined back in February this year and haven’t been able to stay away since. The excitement to do the 7am class makes me jump out of bed in a morning – something I thought I’d never do! The classes are amazing, every teacher, in their own way is incredible. What an amazing selection you have put together. Every class has developed my practice so much and I can most definitely feel the effects in my every day life. I was looking to get back into a strong practice after neglecting the mat for a long time…and I could not have picked a more perfect studio. The class size and value for money are also great! Thank you for greatly improving my life!


Really great studio with *excellent* teachers. I’m stoked to have such a fab studio nearby! I’ve been going a couple of times a week to lots of different classes and each teacher I’ve encountered has been encouraging, professional and super experienced. They have a good range of classes at different levels to suit everyone. Highly recommend giving it a try if you are local!


So pleased I found this studio. All the teachers have their own very unique style which is great. My practice has already improved and I’m not quite sure how I used to get through the week without this place now.


Nice studios and easy to access locations. Great variety of classes from beginners to advanced. I particularly enjoyed Rocket yoga classes if you like core building sessions is definitely your place. Teachers are skilled and helpful the studio also organises workshops where you have great opportunity to develop yourself. Comparing to other companies MoreYoga offers cheaper memberships and discounted classes for newbies and a reward program as well. Highly recommended.


Absolutely love MoreYoga! Such a great atmosphere and the teachers really take time to make sure everyone is taken care of. So much variety, depending on what you may be feeling happy.


I went to the Restorative Recharge class with Claire Alexandra this morning after returning from a hectic Glastonbury and it was perfect. I left realigned, recharged and feeling human again. Lovely, lovely class.


Absolutely loving the classes at MoreYoga Aldgate. Always so much energy and variety in the classes. So pleased I found this studio. Highly recommend.


Such great yoga instructors, love the playfulness of some of the classes. Already booked my schedule for the month! Excited to have started my yoga journey with MoreYoga!


Just joined the new Aldgate studio, the teachers are amazing and I have learned so much already. Loving it.


Lovely yoga studio, classes are varied so you can find a type of yoga to suit your needs. Very clean and good equipment a great addition to my yoga practice.


MoreYoga classes at Exmouth Market have had such an impact on my life. Didn’t think I’d ever be so eager to get up at 6.30am but now I do it not once, but twice, a week! I have dabbled with yoga in the past but this is the first time I have found classes that I really connect with and that has meant a more dedicated effort from me to attend. Small group sessions, attention to individual practice and a real investment in the students from the teacher makes this a perfect place for me to develop my yoga. I have seen the improvement in a few months which is incredibly satisfying! Couldn’t recommend MoreYoga MORE.