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The Art of Aligning Yourself with Life with Noemi Franco


Yoga is more than a physical practice on the mat, it is holistic system which encompasses all aspects our being, from the gross (physical body) to the subtle (energy, mental, emotional and even spiritual levels). Yoga provides us with the tools that work at all these levels; purifying the body and clearing the mind from clutter, refining our  perception and capacity to discern, which in turn allows us to make more conscious choices and to navigate life in a more graceful and efficient way.

Foremost, yoga allows you to tap into our inherent source of vitality, mental and emotional well-being revealing our true divine nature. This 6 week course will take us into a journey through the Five Elements from the gross to the subtle (one element per session and the last session will focus on integration).  

We’ll explore the physical, psychological and emotional qualities of each Element through the following:

  • Slow movement meditation and classic asana. 
  • Pranayama (breathwork) –   to clear out the system and the mind and boost immunity, vitality and life force. 
  • Mudra- body and hand gestures to create a particular energetic effect and channel Pranic and mental energies.
  • Mantra-  sound and vibration help to soothe the mind, improve focus, and release mental and emotional tensions creating a particular mental state.
  • Meditation with Bhavana (feeling, image, visualisation to tap into our inherent source and elixir of well-being) and Samkalpa (intention) to create positive transformation at all levels.
  • Journaling – self- enquiry and self -reflexion, mapping thoughts, patterns,  actions, intentions,  desires.. 
  • Ayurveda (science of life) –  teaches us about our natural body and mind constitutions made of the Five Elements, how this is affected by environment and life conditioning and how we can restore our natural balance.  
  • Brief Yoga philosophy- Samkhya mother of Yoga and Tantric philosophies, teaches us that everything in nature is made of the Five Elements. We’ll also refer to the Yoga  Sutras of Patañjali, the first Yoga and psychology treatise that teaches about the functioning of the mind and how to refine our perception.

The content of this course will draw mainly from the teachings of  Krishnamacharya/ Desikachar and Shiva Rea’s Soulful Wellness.

Course details
Duration: 6 weeks
Start date: Saturday 13th February 2021
End Date: Saturday 20th March 2021
Time: 5 – 6:30pm
Early bird: £130 finishes January 16th
Normal Price: £150
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About Noemi: 

Noemi is a full-time Yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Wellness Guide, who first encountered Yoga in her first trip to India in 2004. Since then she has been devoted to the study and the practice of the different aspects of Yoga with renowned international teachers.  Her teaching is influenced by the philosophy of Hatha Yoga and Krishnamacharya’s lineage of Ashtanga,  Vinyasa Krama and the therapeutic approach of Viniyoga. 

Noemi holds a 500-hour teaching diploma from the BWY and 500-hour Yoga Alliance.  She recently graduated from her 500-hour Prana Vinyasa Flow with Shiva Rea and The Art of the Individual Teaching (Yoga therapy) at Sadhana Mala.  Noemi enjoys teaching Vinyasa as she believes it is an intelligent and powerful system which encompasses all aspects of the Yoga practice and life. However, she has a deep interest in Yoga philosophy and Yoga therapy which she integrates in her one to one teaching.  Currently she is studying Yoga and Life Navigation (Life coaching) in the program Soulful Wellness with Shiva Rea.  

Noemi has experienced the transformative, healing and life changing qualities of Yoga having to go through many life challenges herself. ‘Yoga provides an efficient and graceful way to navigate life by keeping you connected to the Life force (Prana) and to the inner fire (spark of life) in any situation’. Noemi classes are challenging, fun and creative respecting the roots of Yoga and the philosophy behind.  She combines 'Solar' (strong/dynamic) Vinyasa with 'Lunar' (restorative/meditative) in order to bring balance to the whole system.  She pays great attention to the quality of breath supporting the movement and the alignment in the posture.


British Wheel of Yoga 500- hour diploma
Prana Vinyasa Flow 500- hour (Yoga Alliance)
The Art of Viniyoga (Yoga and Yoga philosophy in the tradition of Krishnamacharya/ Desikachar.
Art of Individual Teaching–  Yoga therapy in the tradition of Krishnamacharya/ Desikachar.
Well Woman Therapy training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
Soulful Wellness - Wellness Guide & Movement Meditation Facilitator