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ONLINE WORKSHOP: Surya & Chandra with Noemi Franco


Cultivate the Solar and Lunar qualities in your Yoga Practice

The philosophy of tantric Hatha Yoga (the Sun and the Moon), had permeated all the styles of modern Yoga. According to this philosophy, Surya (Solar energy) is warm dynamic, revitalizing, invigorating and extroverted. In the practice this translates into dynamic Vinyasa with challenging and fun transitions, strong asanas and energizing pranayama to generate heat.

Chandra on the other hand (Lunar energy), represents the cooling, restorative, calming, regenerating and meditative aspects of the practice. Yin, Restorative, gentle pranayama and mediation are the Lunar practices. We can say that Surya and Chandra are the Yin and the Yang of the Tantric Yoga tradition and it’s important to cultivate balance between these two qualities.   

This is going to be a fun workshop in which we’ll explore and embody both qualities: strong and dynamic and gentle and cooling as well as  he philosophy behind.
Expect Solar Prana Vinyasa,  Lunar Trantric Yin, pranayama(breathwork) and meditation.
You will need: Couple of bricks (you can use books instead) and a bolster/pillow
Not suitable for absolute beginners.

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About Noemi
Noemi is a full-time Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist. Her teaching is influenced by the philosophy of Hatha Yoga and Krishnamacharya’s linage of Ashtanga, Viniyoga and Vinyasa Krama. The modality of Vinyasa Flow taught by Noemi is very much informed by Shiva Rea’s ‘Prana Vinyasa Flow’ a strong and colourful style of Vinyasa really infused by the philosophy of Yoga.