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ONLINE WORKSHOP: Reclaim your breasts with Becky Crepsley Fox NEW DATE


*New Date*
In this two hour online workshop we will practise ways to connect to our breasts. A lot of women have numbness in this area and this workshop will start to build a connection between mind-heart-breasts-genitals.
This workshop will include; movement, self touch, mindfulness and explorative practises. There will be no group nudity in this workshop.
Everyone who joins will need a working webcam so we can gain a sense of feminine energy before we begin – Becky will then turn your cameras off at different times of the workshop.
This workshop is a therapeutic experience where we can work on shame and confidence issues as well as female empowerment. We will explore ways to be sensual with ourselves as well as tools to connect to our own sexuality.
Everyone is prompted to be in charge of their own boundaries to have an enjoyable consensual experience where you can opt out of any exercises you wish. You do not need to share or voice anything but there will be time to do so for those who would like to.
Friday 13th November 7-9 PM

**Your ticket with access details will be a download at the end of your purchase. Please make sure you download and keep for details**

Please note Online workshops do not count towards Perkville points 

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