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INSIDE ADDICTION with Marta Antero


Addiction takes on many forms, and can be a destructive force that undermines our ability to realise our full potential. In this 8 week course Marta will help you get inside what is driving your addictive nature and provide a new path through self reflection, Kundalini yoga, neuroplasticity, pranayama and meditation. There will also be a session on nutrition and detoxification.

The majority of us have an addictive nature but we don’t either recognise its presence or relate to it. Addiction is simply a tool to regulate ourselves, to manage our emotional state, longing for something external to change the way we feel.

We will be working with substance addiction (alcohol, drugs, sugar, food and nicotine) and the process additions related to our thought patterns. The latest include shopping, social media, anxiety, stress, depression, negative thinking, excessive working, intense exercise, relationships, acceptance, power, control, eating disorders, self-harming, drama, sex and gambling among others.

Duration: 8 week online course
Hours: 2 hours each week
Start date: Wednesday 9th September 7-9pm

Early Bird: £125 (Ends midnight 31st August)
Normal Price: £150

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Start your journey of self-exploration and understanding the nature and root of your addictive nature, and the possibility of healing the impact of childhood trauma and emotional loss in which addiction is rooted.

Gain an insight into the impact this trauma has on your body, brain development and  emotional state, why you feel the way you feel and incur into harmful behaviours to change how you feel and you cannot stop yourself.  You will learn to self regulate and the different tools to support yourself and manage your emotional response when being triggered.

Each session will be a hands-on discussion based workshop, taking you through a full journey to give you practical methods to support yourself to make lasting changes.

Kundalini yoga is one of the most powerful tools to heal addictions and to create transformation. The yoga practice throughout the course will be suitable for all levels, beginners and regulars, no yoga or kundalini yoga experience is necessary.

What to expect: Each session will focus on a different aspect of addiction and will build on the previous week. The sessions will start with some knowledge sharing, followed by a breathing practice, a yoga sequence, meditation and/or particular technique customised to the theme of the session.

There will be an open 15 minute Q&A to close the session and short daily practises to support your journey of transformation.

What you will need: A yoga mat and space to physically practise, a pen and paper and a comfortable place to sit. Each session will be conducted via zoom in the comfort of your own space. You can join the sessions with or without your camera turned on, whatever feels most comfortable for you on the day.


Marta is an inspiring and passionate yoga teacher. Coming from a corporate background, she brings a modern approach to Yoga empowering students to embrace “real life” challenges, to manage their emotions and to create a shift in their life

She specialises on Kundalini Yoga for Addictions and managing stress and anxiety. She is also qualified in a diversity of other yoga styles and healing modalities from the meditative Yin Yoga to the dynamic Arial, Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates. She is a Gong Player, Shamanic Reiki practitioner and studied with renowned international teachers like Dr Gabor Mate.

She is fascinated about the mind and her goal as teacher is to empower students to develop their full potential without the self-imposed mind limitations

She has spread her passion for yoga all over the word teaching workshops in US, Australia, The Philippines and Indonesia, besides UK.

She has taught at the prestigious OM Yoga Show and at the Great British Kundalini Yoga FestivalHer classes are dynamic and her energy and enthusiasm is highly contagious.