INSIDE ADDICTION: The Art of Changing Your Anxious and Addictive Brain



Addiction takes on many forms, and can be a destructive force that undermines our ability to realise our full potential. In this 8 weeks course Marta will help you get inside what is driving your addictive nature and provide a new path through self reflective coaching, neuroplasticity, Kundalini yoga, pranayama and meditation. 

The majority of us have an addictive nature but we don’t either recognise its presence or relate to it. Addiction is simply a tool to regulate ourselves, to manage our emotional state, longing for something external to change the way we feel.

We will be working with substance addiction (alcohol, drugs, sugar, food and nicotine) and the process additions related to our thought patterns. The latest include shopping, social media, anxiety, stress, depression, negative thinking, excessive working, intense exercise, relationships, acceptance, power, control, eating disorders, self-harming, drama, sex and gambling among others.

Start your journey of self-exploration and understanding the nature and root of your addictive nature, and the possibility of healing the impact of childhood trauma and emotional loss in which addiction is rooted.

Gain an insight into the impact this trauma has on your body, brain development and emotional state, why you feel the way you feel and incur into harmful behaviours to change how you feel and you cannot stop yourself.  Learn to self regulate and the different tools to support yourself and manage your emotional response when being triggered.

Each session will be a discussion-based workshop, taking you through a full journey to give you practical methods to support yourself to make lasting changes.

Kundalini yoga is one of the most powerful tools to heal addictions and to create transformation. The yoga practice throughout the course will be suitable for all levels, beginners and regulars, no yoga or kundalini yoga experience is necessary.

What to expect: Each session will focus on a different aspect of addiction and will build on the previous week. We will start with knowledge sharing and self-reflective coaching followed by a breathing practice, a yoga sequence, meditation and/or particular technique customised to the theme of the session. 

Daily short home practises will be shared to integrate every week’s experience and support your journey of transformation.
There will be an opportunity to ask questions and share each week in our closing circle.

What you will need: A yoga mat and space to physically practice, a pen and paper and a comfortable place to sit. Each session will be conducted via zoom in the comfort of your own space. You can join the sessions with or without your camera turned on, whatever feels most comfortable for you on the day. 

*Please note, this course is welcoming of anyone interested in learning new self-help skills to support their mental health and emotional wellbeing. This course is not a replacement for talking therapies, pharmaceutical interventions or any other forms of treatment which are recommended to individuals currently under the care of mental health services or other professionals. This course may act as a complement to other therapeutic interventions for individuals experiencing mental health difficulties.

Duration: 8 week online course
Hours: 2 hours each week
Start date: Wednesday 27th October
7 – 9pm
Price: £360

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Marta is an inspiring and charismatic Yoga Gong Therapist and Wellbeing Coach with a passion for the anxious and addictive mind. She has been trained by some of the best international teachers and Addiction leading therapists including Gabor Mate.

Marta’s history of eating disorders in her late teens, and an over active mind since childhood, led her to became fascinated with the different aspects of the mind and to train in Kundalini Yoga for Addiction. Her first training brought Marta’s awareness to the concept of eating disorders as an addictive behaviour and how, decades later, she was unconsciously still using food and/or lack of food to manage her emotions… the same way others use drugs, wine, excessive work or intense exercise.

She also became aware of her anxious nature and how we can suffer from anxiety unknowingly - and that it may manifest in ways we do not expect.

Marta believes that most of us are addicted to something, often unconsciously. She is passionate about creating awareness on the different manifestations of the addictive nature and the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga to profoundly change how you feel, and quickly.

Coming from a corporate background, Marta brings a modern and inclusive approach to yoga – empowering students to embrace “real life” challenges, to manage their emotions and to create transformation.

She currently resides in London but she has spread her passion for yoga all over the world teaching workshops in US, Australia, The Philippines and Indonesia. She has taught at Trauma Matters with Gabor Mate, the prestigious OM Yoga Show and the British Kundalini Yoga Festival

Marta’s energy and enthusiasm is highly contagious.


Adults Yoga Teacher Trainings:

  • Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
  • Mastering the Addictive Personality
  • Beyond Addiction Programme (with Dr Gabor Mate)
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Inferno Hot Pilates level 1 & 2
  • Flyhigh Yoga
  • Agama Yoga (Tantra Yoga)

Kids Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Special Yoga Centre
  • Starchild Yoga


  • Managing Anxiety with Minded Institute
  • Trauma yoga and neuroplasticity with Minded Institute
  • Yoga Nidra for Mental Health with Minded Institute
  • Breathing Appraisals with Minded Institute
  • Yoga for Body Positive
  • The Achitecture of Posture & Hormones


  • Shamanic Reiki Healing Level I & 2 with Devi Ma


  • Gong Therapy, Advanced Gong, Gong for Kundalini Yoga with Mehtab Benton
  • Sound Healing with Shervin Boloorian



"Marta's addiction course was far more powerful than I imagined. I have stopped drinking completely. I am much happier and my relationships are more authentic. Drinking blocks and numbs, so we don't have to deal. The addiction course cleverly and subtly, through a combination of talk, practice and homework, drew my attention to how I was using alcohol. No one can fight our fights for us. Kundalini Yoga in this course gives you the insight, understanding and courage to choose and fight your battles."

"Thank you so much for the eight-week Kundalini for addiction course Marta!  It was absolutely brilliant and really help me to get through all the stress and anxiety of 2020. It was really nice being part of a group and having a weekly class to look forward to each week. It’s really helped me to identify my triggers and given me a really powerful toolbox for whenever my feelings overwhelm me. I wish I had discovered Kundalini Yoga years ago and the way you teach really helps to bring out both the emotional and physical benefits of the practice. Looking forward to more workshops with you"

"I wanted to tell you how much I loved the course and how meaningful and important it is to me. I have struggled with alcohol and work addictions for over a decade (really just all my adult life). I really feel I have found a toolbox and just overall a way of understanding myself and my behaviour that can help me manage my emotions and truly make a change in my life. And not just for changing outcomes or the addictive behaviour (though as a testament to that I have for the past 2 months been able not to drink Monday to Thursday whereas previously it felt like a necessity every single evening and had been that way for years & years), but for helping me to just be more at ease with existing in the world
as myself, find contentment within myself rather than externally, build a sense of worthiness."

"I do not think there are words enough to express my gratitude for you running this course and that I got to be part of it. And I doubt I can properly convey just how fundamentally important and transformative I feel it has been for me in my life. Thank you so much (and I think my husband and my mum would probably also say thank you as well!)”

“Marta's workshop on addictive behaviours is a must-experience and it goes beyond addictions as we perceive them on daily basis. It explains the thought process and the body response and it suggests ways to deal with it. Taking up Kundalini has made a big impact on my life and this workshop was one of the highlights of that ongoing process for sure.”