1.0 Your block will automatically renew after 1 month or after you have used 12 classes, whichever one is earliest.

1.1 Please note that your contract starts on the date of purchase.

1.2 Subscription fees must be paid in irrespective of whether or not the Member uses the Studio’s facilities.

1.3 Clients who no show to sessions will be charged £10 per session; late cancellations incur a charge of £6. Please make sure you cancel classes more than 3 hours before their start time. For the policy in detail please see:  If you had any issues signing in on the iPads, or had other difficulties that made you late cancel, or were absent for a reason we should know about please email as soon as you can.

1.4 Clients acknowledge and agree that they are being given preferential rates by MoreYoga contract and therefore it is fair and reasonable that MoreYoga charges them for any payments as listed in section 1.3 above.

1.5. This membership is for a minimum length of 2 months, where after it will switch to one month rolling rate with a 7 days’ cancelation window. All cancelations must be in email to

1.6 This membership can only be used at all MoreYoga Studios

1.7. You can use this membership as many times as you like per day, each visit is taking off your 8 class pack

1.8 Clients are able to find out the dates that the autopay renews by looking at the my account section on their online account. Any further information needed with finding out the renewal dates can be obtained through emailing us

1.9 Sometimes payments will fail and we will contact you to clear your account. If the account payment for the month is not fixed within 7 days of the new month starting a fine of £25 will be added to your account and we will suspend your account indefinitely until the payment is cleared, you will not be allowed to attend any of our classes until the account is cleared.

1.11 This membership only includes classes and not anything else such as workshops

1.12 After the 2 months’ minimum contract length you can cancel your monthly rolling membership at any time with 7 days’ cancelation notice by emailing us at

1.13 You are entering an automatic debit agreement and are bound in this agreement for at least 2 months.

1.14 Your first payment is on the day you signed up and your second payment will be one month after that date or when you use all sessions purchased, whichever one is earlier.

1.16 There are no refunds on this block irrespective of personal circumstances. We are offering you the best that you will get anywhere and we are factoring the income from your membership into our business model. By agreeing to the lease you agree to all above and are not bound by statutory law in regards to a refund.

1.17 If you do not use your classes they will not be rolled over under any circumstances at all.

1.18 Your membership is valid for yourself only and is non-transferable

1.19 You will be asked by one of our studio staff to have a photo added to your MoreYoga office account. So please be aware that this will happen only once.

1.20 We will from time to time have offers adjacent to this membership, please note the offers will change depending

Enjoy the great value and we look forward to servicing you long into the future.