1.1 Please note that all contracts start on the date of purchase, regardless of when you set the contract start date.

1.2 Subscription fees must be paid in irrespective of whether or not the Member uses the Studio’s facilities.

1.3 This is a rolling monthly contract and is for a minimum length of 4 months. This is an automatic payment agreement.The monthly fee will be taken on the date the membership activates each month.

1.4 After the 4 months minimum contract length you can cancel your monthly rolling membership at any time with 7 days cancellation notice prior to your membership’s renewal date (the next payment date) by by visiting https://www.moreyoga.co.uk/prices/cancellations-suspensions/ to fill out a short form. This is the only way you can cancel your membership. 

1.5 You will receive an email of any rate increases with 4 weeks notice. Please note that we want to look after all our founder members so expect favourable rates.

1.6 This membership can only be used at the chosen MoreYoga location (your home studio) as stated when purchasing the contract. Classes outside the home studio will be charged at the discounted single session rate of £5.

1.7 Class use is limited to 7 times a week. Extra classes will be charged at the same rate as classes booked outside the home studio. See 1.6

1.8 We are unable to offer any suspensions or cancellation during the initial 4 months of the contract. Please make sure you have the time and money for the 4 month minimum.

1.9  Clients who no show to sessions will be charged £10 per session; late cancellations incur a charge of £6. Please make sure you cancel classes more than 3 hours before their start time. For the policy in detail please see: https://www.moreyoga.co.uk/self-sign-in/  If you had any issues signing in on the iPads, or had other difficulties/circumstance you feel qualifies you to waive the fees please email noshows@moreyoga.co.uk as soon as you can.

1.10 There are no refunds in the first 4 months irrespective of personal circumstances. We are offering you the best that you will get anywhere and we are factoring the income from your membership into our business model. By agreeing to the contract you agree to all above and are not bound by statutory law in regards to a refund.

1.11 Should a monthly payment fail we will contact you to clear your account. If the account payment for the month is not fixed within 7 days of the new month starting, a fine of £25 will be added to your account and your membership will be suspended until the payment is cleared. After 14 days of non-clearance of an account bound by contract, the debt will be passed on to our debt collection providers and additional costs will be applied. Obviously we never want an account to go this far.

1.12 Clients are able to find out the dates that the autopay renews by looking at the My Account section on our website or in the MoreYoga app. Information can also be accessed through www.mindbodyonline.com or by downloading the MindBody app. Any further information needed with finding out the renewal dates can be obtained through emailing us at hello@moreyoga.co.uk

1.13 Please note that with the exception of Finsbury Park and Soho, all our studios are reception free and we have no showers. We do however have changing rooms and all the equipment needed for your practice (including mats).

1.14 The timetable before we open is not indicative of the final timetable and is subject to change. Teachers and class types may be covered or replaced both temporarily or permanently. We reserve the right to make these changes at any time. These changes should not be major and will not affect the quality of your practice. Should we make any substantial change we will notify you in an email and appropriate compensation will be given if reasonable.

Enjoy the great value of this membership.