All you need to know about cancellations & suspensions


Here at MoreYoga we have tried to make cancellation easy and hassle free to accommodate busy lives, and we understand that circumstances can change. While we do our best to accommodate requests, we are also a business and have some systems in place which we rely on to operate. Please appreciate that we will not be able to cancel contracts in their minimum term (2 ,4, 6 or 12 months depending on contract type).

If you are planning on returning within 3 months, the best course of action for you is to suspend/freeze your account.

In order to cancel your membership we require 7 days before your renewal date. We also have a generous membership freeze policy we offer free of charge. 

Please note that all of our memberships below are rolling contracts. After the minimum term payments roll on automatically unless you cancel or freeze.

For full cancellation details of each type of pricing option, please see below for details.

£19 First Month New Member Introductory Offer 

Our incredible new members offer is exceptional value and is not eligible for refunds or extensions. You don’t have to come every day to be eligible for this offer – it is simply valid for a set time from the date of your purchase. 

As an introductory membership offer, it is a rolling monthly payment until such time as you cancel. We require 7 days from payment date to cancel your recurring membership fee, which will have been advised during your new members email journey.

You can cancel at any time, provided we get enough notice.

Pre-Opening Founder Memberships

By taking up these offers you are committed to a 6 month minimum contract, as per your terms and conditions. However, after the 6 months minimum contract length you can cancel your monthly rolling membership at any time with 7 days cancellation notice before your monthly renewal date (the next payment date).

Important note

These contracts become full price £50 access all studios passes in their 7th month. Please note that this change is automatic as per T&Cs. You were informed about this in the welcome email we sent after opening the studio you signed up to. Pre-opening Founders are our best value for money memberships we offer and you’ll be able to access all studios once per day for only £50. Once cancelled, we won’t be able to reinstate the offer. We recommend you consider suspension, instead of cancelling.

Founder Memberships

These memberships have a 4 months minimum period after which you can cancel your monthly rolling membership at any time with 7 days cancellation notice before your monthly renewal date (the next payment date).

Founder memberships are single studio use only for £50/month once a day. The monthly price of these memberships does not change. We will notify you by email of any rate changes.

Rolling Contracts: Monthly Unlimited & Capped Usage Memberships

These membership are for a minimum length of 2 months, where after it will switch to one month rolling rate with a 7 day cancellation window.  After the minimum term these memberships can be cancelled any time.

Annual Memberships

This membership differs from the others in that we are unable to cancel or freeze this membership so please be aware of any future plans which may change your ability to attend classes.


We offer 3 months of suspension free of charge, once per year on all of our memberships.

An allowance of up to 3 months per year is allowed on all memberships.

If you are on a contract with a minimum term, please note that suspensions, like cancellations, are only available after the minimum term of the membership.


  • We require 7 days notice before commencement of freeze (i.e. let us know as soon as possible get it in place for you)
  • Contact us via Facebook Messenger or call on 0808 175 0238 between 10-17 Monday to Sunday. 
  • Once your agreed date suspension/freeze date ends your contract will continue as normal. You will not be notified of the date so please make a note.

Please note we do not allow open ended freezes. Your freeze will have an end date confirmed, and you will be required to contact us 7 days before this date to extend the freeze if needed. If a payment runs due to missing this date, you will only be entitled to a credit refund to your MoreYoga account. We will not be issuing a card refund in these cases.

If you believe there is a reason we should make an exception to the above rules message us or contact us via phone us (please see our contact page on the top of the website). Medical reasons (with proof provided) or pregnancy would be examples where we would do our best to accommodate the situation.


If you are planning to cancel so you can buy another membership, please contact us on Facebook Messenger

Please be aware that you are only entitled to one promo offer per year. If you are repurchasing a membership with the first month half price, the office will charge you for the difference retrospectively. Please email us and we’ll sort the switch out for you. If urgent please call the contact number on the website.