UNLIMITED USAGE ACROSS ALL LOCATIONS – Save £450 per year – compared to a Monthly Unlimited membership!

1. We are unable to cancel or freeze this membership. Please be aware of any future plans which may change your ability to attend classes.

2. Due to Covid-19 we are operating a fair usage policy of 12 in studio classes per month. Should you try to book more classes the system will prompt for additional payment. Whilst we only operate online, there is no booking limit for Zoom classes.

3. Our fair usage policy highlighted in 2. is Subject to change at any given time. An email explaining any changes will be sent to the email address provided. 

4. Subscription fees must be paid irrespective of whether or not the Member uses the Studio’s facilities. This a non-refundable pricing option.

5.  Clients who no show to sessions will be charged £10 per session; late cancellations incur a charge of £6. Please make sure you cancel classes more than 3 hours before their start time. For the policy in detail please see: https://www.moreyoga.co.uk/self-sign-in/  If you had any issues signing in on the iPads, or had other difficulties/circumstance you feel qualifies you to waive the fees please email noshows@moreyoga.co.uk as soon as you can.

6. Clients acknowledge and agree that they are being given preferential rates by MoreYoga and therefore it is fair and reasonable that MoreYoga charges them for any payments as listed in section 5. above.

7. Any further information needed with finding out the expiration dates or usage of the pass is visible on your account. If you have any questions please contact Customer Services on Facebook Messenger or call 0808 196 0345 between 10-17 Monday to Sunday.

8. This is a very simple contract and an extremely good value – being one of the most affordable on the market.