When you’re comfortable with a style of yoga that you know and love, it’s hard to understand why you would open up to another kind of practice. However, like most things in life, it’s all about balance. Here are a few of the benefits of having a go at a new style.

Switch it up to keep it interesting

Human beings love novelty (as long as it’s the safe, predictable kind). It’s only natural that after a few weeks, that yoga class that left you feeling like you’d attained nirvana just doesn’t do it for you anymore. While persevering through the boredom can lead to all sorts of revelations, there’s no shame in taking the time to explore new styles to keep your interest up.

Prevent pattern overload from repetitive movements

When you practise the same flow over and over again, you can end up going into pattern overload. This happens when your body is so used to doing the same thing on repeat that you’re no longer truly aware of what you’re doing. Awareness in yoga is key, so make sure you do something different every now and then. A caveat – muscles aches much more after doing an exercise you’re not used to!

It’s all about balance

Balance on the mat means balance off the mat. Your body needs a bit of yin and a bit of yang to function at its highest level. Plus, when you change up your practice, it’s much easier to tailor it around what you need that day. Feeling anxious? Get to Rocket and sweat out all your worries. Low energy? Settle into a sleepy Yin class and breathe deeply.

MoreYoga offers many different styles of yoga, from traditional Ashtanga through to restorative yoga with props. Take your pick!