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Morning Flow

Wake up on the right side of the bed with this gentle vinyasa flow. Specially designed to wake up your muscles without sending you back to sleep. All levels welcome to this nourishing flow.


Yes, tree pose is involved. But Forrest really gets its name from Ana T. Forrest, the creator of this core-focused standing series. Props are used to get the most out of your practice and students are encouraged to take their practice off the mat and into their daily lives.

Prana Vinyasa

This class focuses on balancing the lunar and solar aspects of Hatha, combined with a vinyasa flow based on the breath. Alignment is important, and our expert teachers will provide you with the best possible options for your body.

Restorative & Meditation

If you’re craving yoga but your body needs to be nourished, this class is perfect. Combining elements of Yin and Hatha with the safe use of props, this restorative class is appropriate for all levels, including those with injuries or sensitivity.


Based on the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra a beloved and renowned yogi master, Dharma yoga is a strong, graceful and dynamic flow which explores balances, twists, gentle back bending and inversions finishing with a blissful relaxation and pranayama. This practice is a moving meditation that empowers the whole body on a physical, spiritual and mental level.

Pilates & Zen

More Pilates & Zen is about movement followed by stillness. In the first 45 minutes you will be guided through an intensive Pilates class designed to challenge your core, strength and stability giving you a full body workout. Once the hard work is over you will be treated to guided meditation with the use of singing bowls, transporting you to a land of utter bliss. You will then leave the class feeling rejuvenated and refreshed throughout the entire mind, body and soul.

Backbend Flow

In this dynamic vinyasa flow class you will explore the joys of opening the heart and spine lead carefully with intelligence and grace. This specifically designed More Yoga class will build up fluidity and strength in the spine from creative back opening vinyasa flow sequencing. Expect intelligent structured sequencing, dynamic asana, pranayama and also bandha techniques. This spine focused vinyasa flow based class will leave you feeling open, joyful and full of love. Open to all levels but do be prepared to work up a sweat at times. Flow with Love!

Arms, Abs & Arm Balances

This is a complete upper body and core workout using the best equipment possible, your own body weight. From push ups to planks, crunches to plyometrics you’ll be toned and lean in no time. This class will help you build strength, muscle endurance and a rock solid core. The overall aim of this class is to become more aware of the essential actions and movements that are necessary in preparation for any key arm balance that you approach within your yoga practice. This preparation will therefore allow you step into these more challenging asanas safely and with greater confidence. Therefore creating more mindfulness and ease within your yoga practice.All levels welcome however do expect to be challenged to your fullest potential and to work up a decent sweat within this class !!!

Slow Flow

This slow-paced class, inspired by the teachings of TVK Desikachar, combines slow mindful flow with traditional Hatha Yoga postures. The gentle and meditative pace of this practice allows for more precision and quality of the breath, movement and alignment. This practice is refreshing and challenging in a gentle way. Sessions may conclude with breath-work, philosophy and meditation. Beginners are welcome!

Power Pilates

More Pilates is a mat based class that will focus on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. You will learn breath awareness and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. Expect upbeat music with an alignment focused and experienced instructor. No previous pilates experience is necessary and all levels are welcome


Also known as the eight limbs form of yoga, our ashtanga classes will help you to work through the different series of postures to reach your full potential in every area of your yoga practice (including off the mat)!

Restorative Recharge

Yin and Pranayama (mindful breathing) – the perfect combination to blow the cobwebs away and recharge your batteries. Perfect for your lunch hour!

Core Flow

Core Flow will focus on strengthening all muscles in the core. The class will incorporate breath work to engage deep abdominal muscles, yoga poses linked to breath which activate and condition the core, as well as deep stretching and strengthening of the muscles that work closely together with the core. This is suitable for all levels.

Flow To Restore

Flow to Restore yoga is intended to take you from your busy lifestyle into a relaxed, quiet and calm space. Expect a flow of mindful movement and breath to start. This flow will be linked to postures intended to release stress and tension we could be holding in the body while you also build strength and flexibility. The second half of the class includes deep relaxation with longer held postures to help repair and restore the entire system. Beginners and experienced students are all welcome.

Vinyasa Flow

Link your breath to your movements with a flow deliciously designed to build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. Our sun salutations (surya namaskar) are open for all levels.


Moving meditation focussing on the breath, mind and body. This vinyasa based sequence consists of hands-on adjustments, alignment and ancient teachings. Not for the faint-hearted, but perfect if you’re looking to move to the next level!

Candlelit Flow

Switch off from the bright lights, loud noises and distractions of the world and immerse yourself in atmospheric candlelit flow. This class offers gentle slow flow yoga and meditation in an atmospheric setting designed to calm the senses, body and mind.

Breathe To Flow

A healing conscious breathing and gentle movement class to connect with how you were before all the layers of stuff (trauma, other people’s expectations, social conditioning, etc) were dumped on top of you. You will use breathing as a tool to connect with your body deeply to transition through life with more ease. The more conscious you become of your breath, the more conscious you will become of everything. Learn how to use your breathing to calm & open your mind, energise your body and courageously live your fullest life on and off the mat. There will be small to large embodied movement depending on where your breath takes you. Suitable for all levels.

Ashtanga Express

Condensed More Ashtanga experience wrapped up in 45 mins. Perfect for a quick lunch break blast. The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga codified and popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois during the 20th century which is often promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. Ashtanga means eight limbs or branches, of which asana or physical yoga posture is merely one branch, breath or pranayama is another.

Power Flow

Step up your vinyasa practise with this more challenging flow. Bring a towel and prepare to sweat your way through more advanced sun salutations (with some inversions thrown in for good measure)!

Yoga Express

All the joys of a vinyasa flow, wrapped up in a nice 45 minute bundle. Perfect for those short on time but still committed to their practice.

Yin & Meditation

If you love the restorative vibe but you need a bit more of a challenge, Yin is for you. Expect to hold poses for long periods of time to get that deep stretch in key areas such as the hips and shoulders. A must for those seeking to balance their practice with Rocket or Ashtanga!


A challenging mix of high impact cardio training and strength circuits, this class will target every area of your body. Coupled with a deep stretch and a blissful savasana, this session will burn fat and build endurance.


In classic Kundalini yoga we practice asanas, pranayama (the life force energy), Kriya yoga(set of exercises) and maditation. In order to receive and manifest abundance and prosperity you need to be present, to stay tune “here and now” in your physical body and ground yourself in it. During this classes we working on chakras, we open the channels through different exercises and make unique experiences every time to manifest balance, inner strength and peace of body, mind and soul. Beginners and experience students are all welcome

Shakti Dance®

Shakti Dance® is a unique Yogic System with a distinctive method and practice, created by Sara Avtar. It consists of a series of innovative techniques, combined in Eight Phases, implementing insights drawn from Yogic Philosophy and the practice of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Similar to Kundalini Yoga, Shakti Dance® fuses breath, motion and mindfulness, to expand and merge with infinite Being. Shakti Dance® is a unique and harmonious blend of Flowing Asanas, Rhythmic Breathing, Energising Dance Exercises, Free Dance, Relaxation, Still Meditation, and Mantra Movement Meditations (Celestial Communications & Mantric Choreographies). Shakti Dance® practice cultivates the free, organic and creative expression of inner being. It massages and liberates the body and mind from blockages, relaxing stress – opening out into peaceful wakeful spaciousness and a gracefully flowing life.


A playful vinyasa flow that will both challenge and inspire you. For those more spiritual yogis who love meditation, chanting and music. Just don’t forget to bring your towel – you will sweat! Hands on adjustments are common in this session.

Mandala Flow

More Mandala flow will move you dynamically 360 degrees around your mat. It has roots in Shamanism with a focus and flow for each element that will create heat and prana for the entire body.  These different sets of yoga sequences will use all four points of the compass yet will begin and end with a luxurious yin pose to balance out the entire body, mind and soul. Expect to be challenged by the choreographic sequencing, to get upside down, and to have a lot of fun in the process! This is a gracefully, challenging and deeply soothing practice for all levels of practitioner. 


Does just what it says on the tin. Step away from the busy city for a blissful guided meditation!

Dynamic Stretch

Our new dancers flexibility class combines dynamic and static stretches to tone, increase muscle definition and lengthen the entire body.
In this class you should expect to increase your range of movement, improve alignment and relieve any muscular tension. Tailored to all abilities – whether you want to improve your splits, box splits, leg extensions or simply touch your toes. More Dynamic Stretch is a great class to accompany any yoga practice or any form or physical exercise


A fun and core challenging fusion of yoga and pilates, which incorporates movements from both disciplines, focusing on strengthening the deep postural muscles and improving body awareness. Expect a dynamic class which will leave you feeling centred, aligned and energised

Stretch & Mobility

This full body stretch and mobility flow class is a great addition to your yoga practice. You can expect this class to help restore lost ranges of motion, maintain joint health and increase your mobility. This is a slower-paced class and aimed as students of all levels. Great for cyclists, gym goers, runners and yoga newbies.


Ashtanga’s fiery little sister. Fast flowing movement linked to the breath with an awesome playlist. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, rocket will certainly push you to your limits. Arm balances, inversions and backbends are all par for the course in this class.

Dance Flow

More Dance Flow is a fusion class combining yoga with the best elements of dance to strengthen and tone the whole body. A dynamic yet graceful workout with a spiritual twist. All levels welcome.


Hatha yoga slow paced class with great emphasis on the breath combined with slow movement which gives a lovely meditative quality to it. This practice is refreshing and strengthening in a gentle way. The content of this class draws on traditional Hatha Yoga, ViniYoga and Vinyasa krama. All levels.

Hatha Flow

This class uses postures and deep stretching in combination with breath work and flow to develop flexibility while also creating total relaxation. More Hatha Flow encourages proper alignment of the body that will bring balance, strength, and calmness to the practitioner. Paying particular attention to alignment also the deeper layers of yoga and incorporating breath work to create heat in the body to warm the entire system. Our traditional Hatha Flow classes are based around classic and ancient practices. All levels welcome especially beginners.

Power Pilates

More Pilates is a mat based class that will focus on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. You will learn breath awareness and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. Expect upbeat music with an alignment focused and experienced instructor. No previous pilates experience is necessary and all levels are welcome

Float & Fly

If you’ve ever wanted to fly then this is the class for you. Get to grips with arm balances and inversions while learning how to safely guide a partner in this challenging practice. With a strong focus on the mechanics of inversions, expect lots of handstand practice and alignment tips! Some experience in yoga is recommended in this class for you to get the most out of it!


A dynamic fusion of vinyasa flow yoga and fitness. The class includes HIIT training, core control and traditional yoga. This total fusion of hard core fitness and traditional yoga bridges the gap between fitness fanatics & yogi crew! Every session ends with a well earned Savasana – enabling you to float out of the studio & into a state of total wellbeing. All levels welcome.

Restorative & Meditation

Need to relax and unwind? Then this is the class to suit your mood. More Restorative and Meditation combines elements of Yin and traditional Hatha postures which are held for longer periods of time. This enables the body to gently stretch and heal the connective tissues easing you into relaxation and balance. Expect to finish the class in utter bliss with a mini meditation to calm the whole mind, whole body and whole soul – this one is not to be missed ! All levels welcome including students working with injury or sensitivity.