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New To Yoga?

Are you a Yoga newbie and not quite sure where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place, welcome to the family! Behind every great Yogi is a story of how they started and we’re excited to start this journey with you. Here are 3 Yoga Misconceptions to help you start in the right way!

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MYTH #1:

This is something that worries lots of  newbies! No, you don’t have to be flexible to start a yoga practice! The beauty is that once you start, your flexibility will increase gradually with a regular practice – improving mobility, posture, and muscle coordination.

One of the best things about Yoga is that ANYONE can practise and benefit from it – no matter how flexible you are, what size you are, what race, what gender, or what religion.

MYTH #2:

When you are new Yoga, your might be intimidated by the inversions, but rest assured, Yoga is about the connection between your mind and body. Inversions are not the be all and end all to a practice. As you build strength, flexibility and confidence you’ll move towards incorporating these into your practice when the time is right for you.

There are many different styles of Yoga to try in order to find which styles suits you and gives you what you need from your practice.

MYTH #3:

There is definitely a misconception that yoga is all about slow movements and “just for women”. The truth is, yoga is for everyone – and is proven to enhance mental and physical health helping you thrive.

  • Yoga is proven to help reduces stress, anxiety, and even depression
  • Yoga can help to make you feel calmer and to become more flexible physically
  • Yoga increases muscle strength and tone whilst also improving respiration, energy levels and vitality
  • Yoga can help to increase attention and concentration
  • Yoga can improve your sex drive
“This is my favourite yoga studio in London. I like how dynamic the process is organised – you come, quickly sign in and start the class straight away. This is something which is extremely helpful in busy London life. Moreover I like that despite all the efficiency, the classes are very profound, the teachers are super experienced and the atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly. Really recommend!”

How do I get started?

We offer a range of pricing options to suit every budget. Our access all studios monthly membership offers the best value and allows you to really develop and build your yoga practice.

“Lovely place to do yoga and deepen your practice, quite a few classes that are varied to pick from everyday, prices are quite cheap for what you get. Studio itself is spacey, would recommend to both more advanced and beginners. Teachers make it possible for you to go at your pace and always give various ways to approach things.”

“Great studios with a variety of classes, very good value for money compared to other London studios and flexible booking that lets you change your mind up to 3 hours before the session without being charged. All classes are suitable for all levels of yoga and teachers really make an effort to give enough variations for each pose to make the practice interesting yet accessible to all yogis. So glad I found this studio and also love the fact that I can visit their other studios as part of my membership.”

“MoreYoga has a great variety of classes and locations around London for all levels of experience. I signed up for the intro membership deal and I am hooked and will definitely remain a member!”

Helpful FAQs for newbies

Why do yoga?

To name a few of the long list of benefits:

  • Yoga can help make you feel calmer and become more flexible physically.
  • Yoga increases muscle strength and tone whilst also improving respiration, energy levels and vitality.
  • Yoga is not a religion. All you need is an attitude to learn something new.
  • Yoga is about understanding and accepting your body, and not just learning different postures.
  • Yoga can help increase attention and concentration.
  • Yoga is proven to help reduces stress, anxiety, and even depression.
Which classes are best for beginners?

Check out our class descriptions and see what takes your fancy. Our introductory offer of £10.00 for 10 consecutive days* gives you the freedom to try any class/studio to see which styles, times & teachers suit your needs and what works for you. If you are new to Yoga maybe try one of our More Foundations, Morning Flow or Hatha classes to begin. If you’d like something a little more challenging our all levels Vinyasa classes are perfect to get your heart racing. Or if you would like something more nurturing why not book a Flow to Restore or Restorative class to help you to relax & unwind?

What should I expect from my first class?

Please don’t panic when you walk into your first class – everyone is there for the same reason; to practice Yoga & do something amazing for their mind, body & spirit. Introduce yourself to the teacher if you are new to Yoga and let them know if you have any worries or injuries they need to know about. Find yourself a mat, get comfortable and relax! Every single person in that room has been there.

How do I pick the right classes for me?

Check out our class styles and see what takes your fancy. Our unlimited membership gives you the freedom to try unlimited classes so you can try different styles, times & teachers to see what suits your needs and what works for you. Sign up now for £1 First Month, then 1/2 Price for Life!

If you are new to Yoga maybe try one of our More Foundations, Morning Flow or Hatha classes to begin. If you’d like something a little more challenging our all levels Vinyasa classes are perfect to get your heart racing. Or if you would like something more nurturing why not book a Flow to Restore or Restorative class to help you to relax & unwind.

We’ve made it super easy on the MoreYoga app to filter by “Beginner Friendly” to make it quick to identify suitable classes on our timetables.

What is a "Foundations" class?
We realise a lot of our lovely customers are new to yoga and some would prefer to learn the building blocks at the same time as practicing.

A small amount of philosophy about the history of yoga and what yoga actually is will be woven into the hour. As will a more workshop style of slower teaching alongside some movement based flow to always keep you warm. Expect a strong focus and clear explanation of these three foundational aspects of yoga, Ujjayi Breath = Conscious Breathing, Bandhas = Energy Locks in the body and Vinyasa Flow = Movement and Alignment while breathing.

More Foundations is more than just a beginners yoga class. This specifically designed session has also been geared towards those wanting to return after pregnancy, going back to basics after time out or simply slow down the pace of a session while also still applying and incorporating some of the key foundations of a regular Vinyasa Flow class. 

Perfect for beginners, however available for everyone and especially those hungry to know more!

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable moving in. You don’t need any special brand of clothing or any equipment. Just come as yourself! Shoes aren’t necessary for yoga and you will need to take them off when you arrive. Most people prefer to be barefoot on their mat but if you prefer to wear grippy socks you can bring those along. We have changing rooms & cubby holes for you to leave your belongings in and you won’t need a padlock. Don’t worry the studio is locked during class.

How much does it cost?

At MoreYoga we are dedicated to bringing high quality teaching at rates people can afford. We have a range of flexible pricing options to suit every budget and frequency of use.

If you’re keen to build a yoga habit, we’d definitely recommend joining with our introductory membership offer – pay just £1 for unlimited classes for your first month (then from £39 per month*, access all studios). This will give you a chance to feel try out different classes, teachers and studios and find what suits you. *2 Month Minimum.

Our Pay-As-You-Go options are best suited to those who don’t wish to practice as frequently. Check prices page for latest offers!

Or you can TRY US OUT for £10 for 10 Days and get a feel for what we have to offer!



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