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MoreYoga supports Coppafeel! for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with Breast Cancer Awareness charity, Coppafeel this October. These guys are doing exceptional work to help raise awareness among young people on how to check your breasts and pecs, live a healthy life and help everyone stand the best chance of survival. We’ll be running a series of Bra-less Yoga Classes” across our studios in October, with all money raised going directly to this charity. Don’t worry, if you’re not comfortable going bra-less this is completely optional!!

Big up to Maria Eilersen @thescandiyogi for being the face of this campaign and sharing her story

“My mum took me to my first yoga class when I was a teenager growing up in Tokyo. Little did she know, this practice would help me grieve her passing a few years later. We lost my mum to breast cancer when I was 21, and we can’t help wonder if she’d still be with us, had it been found earlier. Learning to live with the loss wasn’t easy, but over time, yoga was crucial in helping me discover love and joy again. What’s more, the practice taught me to keep my heart open and love my body, all the while staying connected to her. That’s why I’m honoured to be the face of this important campaign to support Coppafeel’s mission to normalise self-checks, and encourage young people to get to know their bodies. It might just save your life.”

Practice with me or one of the amazing More Yoga teachers who are donating their time for the cause this month. At the end of each session, we’ll teach you how to do a self exam, leaving you confident to cop a feel with our Boob Check 101.

Find out more about Maria at www.thescandiyogi.com

 If you or those you love have been affected by breast cancer, and have used yoga or would like to use yoga as part of their recovery, we would love to hear from you. Email rebecca@moreyoga.co.uk

Class times vary with Boob Check 101. Suitable for ALL LEVELS.
Suggested minimum donation £15 with all profits to Coppafeel. #grablifebytheboobs


Choose your “Grab Life” yoga class

Ana Maria Conneely

Saturday 5th October

A luxurious 2-hour vinyasa flow and yoga nidra practice to channel our intuitive ability to move easefully through the transitioning seasons. Expect to be challenged and nourished by this balanced practice.

Norie Jones

Stamford Brook
Sunday 6th October

We will start off the class with a short Yang (active) practice and spend the remainder of class practicing Yin. Yin is a quiet, inward practice that uses long holds (3-5mins) to get into the deep connective tissues.

Jung Lee

Saturday 12th October

Connect to your heart space! This class is focused on opening the heart chakra, the centre of seven chakras, the centre of your core, love and compassion. A dynamic vinyasa flow to open the front body, release tension and tightness around the neck, shoulders and chest to build up to backbends such as bow, camel and wheel pose. Then, we will close our practice with long held yin postures to completely surrender, deeply relax and to rejuvenate

Kaitlin Wong

Saturday 12th October

Join Kaitlin for a creative and energising flow, with a focus on opening your heart and linking breath with movement. This class will help you connect mind to body and encourage both to arrive at a place of greater peace and compassion. Come with an open mind and ready to flow!

Renee Jones

Sunday 13th October

Ditch the bra for a little dance flow to shake off what doesn’t serve and then delve deep with some surrender in yin. An opportunity to reconnect with the body in all its glory, to embrace and love the body you have while raising awareness for an incredible cause.

Rachel David

Winchmore Hill
Saturday 19th October

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s explore together what it means to give back. In this 90-minute Yang Yin class, we’ll play through a dynamic vinyasa sequence, and then soften into nourishing and introspective yin – all embodying the theme of Karma. Bras, optional; lightheartedness, encouraged.

Marisa Guerreiro

Saturday 19th October

Fast paced Sequence designed to make you feel invigorated. Expect challenge, sweat and laughter during your session as you build internal stamina, increased strength and flexibility. Power Yoga takes inspiration from Ashtanga and Rocket and it was designed to be interestingly intense!

Pranayamas are breathing exercises and techniques to help you connect deeper with the breath and movement. Inducing a state of deep relaxation followed by meditation. Finish your session with deep restorative postures bringing into balance and harmony your Energetic, Physical and Emotional Body.

Zara Veerapen

Clapham Junction
Saturday 19th October

A body-positive restorative yoga practice, focussing on releasing unwanted tension through the skilful use of props. An opportunity to unwind from the pressures and stresses of daily life and give your body some TLC.

Susanna Luz

Sunday 20th October

A traditional pilates mat workout designed to challenge and explore the traditional order to the pilates mat exercises as developed by Joseph Pilates

Maria Eilersen

Saturday 26th October

Step into Your Power with Self Love: A Rocket-inspired Vinyasa flowing into a delicious Yin practice. We’ll start strong and finish soft, leaving you feeling both empowered and open-hearted to greet rest of your weekend.

Charlotte Sands

Sunday 27th October

Build Confidence In Your Inversions with Charlotte Sands’ Upside Down: #Grablifebytheboobs and flip your world upside down! Together we’ll work and flow through strength building movements and techniques to help you build confidence in your inversions. All levels are welcome, for this powerful yet playful class. Let’s free the boobies in all directions!

Maria Usai

Caledonian Road
Sunday 27th October

This two hour workshop invites you to a playful Vinjyasa which slowly transform in to a seated yin yoga sequence and ends in restorative yoga poses. We start with a fun and dynamic practice- including both balance and core work- and a slow centred finish. The theme of the class is to “Come back home”, back to you. Inhabit all of your rooms and all of your emotional chambers, and make a beautiful home within your own body. Something that can be hard if our bodies let us down or don’t preform as we want them to. We will take this space to re-connect and find comfort in being within.  As we lay to rest in savasana we are guided by gentle sound vibrations which enters your bodies energetic flow, helping to further  re connect to our heart space and find true self love.  

Proudly Supporting

About Coppafeel

CoppaFeel! exists to educate and remind every young person in the UK that checking their boobs isn’t only fun, it could save their life.

Breast cancer doesn’t just affect women in their fifties, so Coppafeel! launched a new campaign to encourage you to grab on and check regularly – while also educating young people about the importance of leading a healthy life.

“We are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people, with the aim of instilling the knowledge and tools they need to get to know their bodies. We like to talk about a serious message in a light-hearted way, empowering people to start healthy habits for life.

We’re here to help everyone stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer by educating you on the importance of getting to know your boobs and pecs!”