Beginners Guide to Meditation

by Charlie Granger from DeepTide

“If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe.
You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead.
Meditation is key.”
– Buddha


Meditation is a powerful tool; proven to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood, increase confidence and enhance the ability to create and maintain healthy habits.

However, it can be difficult to know where to start and it can seem complicated or bound up with yogi spirituality. Charlie Granger from DeepTide is here to show you this doesn’t need to be the case: learning to meditate is achievable and accessible to everyone and is a lifelong skill and pleasure.

We’ve created this Beginner’s Guide to Meditation, the perfect introduction to the world of meditation to help you create a personal meditation practice. You will learn about a variety of different types/ways to meditate, the benefits of each type and tips to help you find a regular practice to integrate into your life. There are hundreds of meditation techniques from various traditions and cultures, but this course has focused on three overarching styles of meditation; concentration (concentrating on something), mindfulness (focusing on the present moment) and compassion/contemplation meditation.

The course is designed to cover a 6 week period with one core video and one short audio session per week. The longer video sessions explain the health benefits of a specific type of meditation and give you a step by step guide on how to practice that meditation. Then you can listen to the shorter audio sessions to practise the mediation ahead of the following week’s lesson.


This Meditation guide will take you through the foundation principles as well as the physical and mental health benefits of meditation. Perfect for beginners or those looking to further their practice.

Week 1: Introduction & Breath Meditation

An overview of the various types of meditation, a breakdown of the science and benefits to practicing meditation, plus an explanation of what to expect in the course. Session 1 also includes the first guided meditation which is a concentration meditation using the breath.

Week 2: Imagery & Visualisation Meditation

In session 2 you’ll learn about how to use visualisations and imagery in meditation. A power tool used to ease you into a meditation practice. The time of the guided meditation will increase a little from week 1.

Week 3: Mantra Meditation

In session 3 you’ll learn more about the power of mantra. The use of words and sayings that have meaning but also the vibrational sound that helps to calm the nervous system. Another concentration meditation to slowly build up your practice.

Week 4: Mindfulness Meditation

The first mindfulness meditation is introduced in week 4. You’ll have had 3 weeks of practicing various techniques and you’ll now be moving onto focusing in the present moment and embracing the “monkey mind” and wandering thoughts that arise in meditation.

Week 5: Body Scan Meditation

In session 5 you will work through a body scan meditation which can be a great practice for beginners and can be done lying down. You’ll work through each body part, activating a sense of relaxation in certain areas.

Week 6: Loving Kindness Contemplation Meditation

The final session of the course is a beautiful practice learning about contemplation meditation. You’ll be guided through a loving-kindness meditation and the benefits of practicing it. Finally the course comes to a close with an overview of what you’ve learnt and tips on how to continue your practice.

Invest in your mental health and wellbeing


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About Charlie Granger

Charlie’s background means she has a deep understanding of the science behind this mental focus activity. You will learn about how meditation impacts the nervous system and how it activates various brain areas/networks.

Charlie Granger is a mental health therapist and yoga teacher. She started DeepTide to offer mental health services, yoga and therapy. She has a degree in Neuroscience & Psychology and then went on to specialise in mental health and coaching with training in Neuro Linguistic programming, life coaching and qualified as an Elemental Yoga Therapist. She teaches yoga 1:1 and in studios around London with over 500 hours of certified yoga training. DeepTide aims to make meditation, yoga and other therapeutic practices that support positive mental health accessible to all.