What is the idea behind the Moreyoga Elemental flows?

The elemental flows are MoreYoga Signature Flows. The flows are based on chakra and Elemental theory, with each flow having the following:

  • An Element
  • A chakra reference
  • An anatomical focus
  • A philosophical theme
  • A peak pose or a series of peak poses

MoreYoga offers four signature flows:

  • Earth flow
  • Water flow
  • Fire flow
  • Air & Ether flow

Each flow will focus on a different element and body part, with each flow having specific benefits both on a physical level and on an emotional level. In addition, the flows will bring in qualities that you can continue to work on off the mat, empowering you to bring your practice into your daily life with tangible tools and benefits. 

What is the class like? 

The classes are vinyasa flow classes that emphasise the use of creative and themed sequencing. The class will start with a warmup, followed by sun salutations, standing postures, a cool down and time for relaxation. Peak postures will be woven into the sequences. The body will be prepared for the peak poses with careful and attentive sequencing, warming it gradually. Options are always offered, making the classes inclusive and open. You will be offered variations to take the practice up a notch or down a notch depending on your energy levels and to cater to the needs of your body on the day.

The Earth flow is inspired by our root chakra, the Muladhara chakra. The Muladhara chakra is the first chakra in the system and symbolises our foundation in life. To feel grounded, we need to have our basic needs met. The Muladhara chakra encourages us to create a solid foundation for ourselves, both in our practice and in life, from which we can grow and thrive. 

The Earth flow focuses on our foundation, feet and legs. We are looking to create both strength and ease in the body, allowing us to feel grounded and stable, with ease and comfort. Expect standing postures, side planks and standing balances, and deep leg stretches. 

How will the Earth flow make you feel?

The focus of the Earth flow is on grounding and finding stability. You will leave feeling rooted and anchored. Life can sometimes bring many ups and downs, leaving us feeling ungrounded or unearthed. The Earth flow is perfect to get us back to that place within, where we can find a stable space even amid change or chaos. 

The Earth flow also gives us time to reflect on our relationship with the Earth. The Earth nourishes us and feeds us, giving us sustenance. We can reflect on our relationship with it through our practice and take time to honour it.