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Yoga & Life Drawing

with artist Emily Ponsonby

Noho Studios
46 Great Titchfield Street
London W1W 7QA

Sunday 8th September, 10am-12noon
Yoga with Mel Lowe, followed by life drawing class with artist Emily Ponsonby

Wednesday 11th September, 6-8pm
Yoga with Liz Joy Oakley, followed by life drawing class with artist Emily Ponsonby

Lunchtime yoga in gallery space
Monday 10th September, 12-1pm
Yoga with David Ramcharran

Join us for this incredible experience of taking your yoga practice into a gallery space. Set against the stunning paintings of Emily Ponsonby’s BARE exhibition at Noho studios.

Ahead of London Design Festival this month, join MoreYoga and artist Emily Ponsonby for Yoga and Life Drawing classes at the Noho Gallery in Soho, for three special-edition, donation-based sessions from 8-11 th September.

MoreYoga has teamed up with inspirational artist Emily Ponsonby, to celebrate the beauty and form of yoga by coupling it with the expressive nature of life-drawing. The MoreYoga classes will be delivered in Noho’s main gallery with 2 sessions including a life drawing class afterwards, run by Emily herself.

Of the collaboration, Emily Ponsonby says; “My dream of entwining my South African paintings with the meditative flow of yoga has come true. MoreYoga and I will work together to create a space where bodies connect with their natural creativity and release it though movement and life drawing. This will be a yoga studio like no other. My female nudes, light on their toes, will float above bending bodies transporting minds to the infectious energy that fills the skies above Table Mountain.”

The ideal space for artists and yogis alike to express themselves, Emily’s art will form the backdrop of these exclusive yoga classes and all attendees will be helping towards an incredible charitable cause in the process. All profits for the events will be going towards
Emily’s chosen charity partner, Seva Unite. The charity group teaches yoga in Pollsmoor Prison in South Africa as a special rehabilitative and meditative practice for the inmates.

Emily Ponsonby continues; “Yoga became a large part of my life and my work stemmed from it. By consciously connecting with every inch of my body I feel grounded, present, alive and a far more intuitive artist. It really is a collaboration of dreams.”

Raising money for Seva Unite

All profits will go to Seva Unite, who work to deliver yoga to prisoners at Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town.


About Emily Ponsonby

Emily Ponsonby is an English artist. She seeks to capture the natural, the organic and the Nude – on panel, paper and in clay. Chasing winter around the world, she is currently revelling in the colours, light and energy of Cape Town.

For the last 8 years Emily has developed a technique based upon the ‘encaustic’ process of the Ancient Egyptians, melting honeyed beeswax between layers of oil. But on arrival in South Africa, it was the vibrancy of the soil that she couldn’t ignore. Orange, ochre, grey, red and brown… binding them with egg yolk, they swirled into a river of skin-like tones. Her studio is fast turned into a home for honeybees and earthworms… what great company!