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MoreMind: Reconnect To Your Heart
Yin Yoga and Connection Circle Workshop

Drop out of your head and into your heart in a 2.5 hour workshop with Nicole Barton & Liz Joy Oakley


Sunday 24th November
MoreYoga Angel
£25 per ticket
15% of proceeds will go to ChooseLove

In an age where our society is deeply suffering with uncertainty, with mental health challenges like stress, anxiety and depression at an all-time high, we are constantly living in our heads, often seeking to fix or change ourselves and the external. It’s becoming more and more important to make the space and time to drop out of your head and to connect back to your heart and what is truly important. There is a lighter experience of life available to all of us, in which we can truly have a different experience, simply by reconnecting to our own innate wisdom – and it’s something we so often forget. As we draw towards the end of year we invite you to join Liz Joy Oakley and Nicole Barton for an afternoon of connection, opening and sharing. You will learn the tools to help you reconnect to your inner wisdom, drop into your heart-space and to practise more self-care on and off the mat. 

Good Karma included in every ticket with 15% of all proceeds will go to Choose Love, a new movement in charity that provides emergency aid and long term solutions where they are most needed.

YIN YOGA with Liz Joy Oakley
We will open the workshop with a heart opening Yin Yoga session mindfully led by Liz Joy Oakley where we will connect to Anahata, the Chakra associated with unconditional love, compassion, and joy. Liz will guide you through poses, breathwork and mindfulness techniques to help you to drop into your heart and cultivate more love, compassion and joy in your own practise. Yin Yoga can be a very meditative and healing practise, allowing you to work into deeper areas where you may be storing tension, trauma or stress. Yin can help you to connect to these feelings, to open and to let go of anything you need to emotionally, mentally and physically release. This style of yoga is suitable for all levels and we will use bolsters, blocks and blankets throughout the practise to help support the body and calm the mind helping you to discover a place of deep relaxation. We will then settle onto our mats for a beautiful connection circle, led by Nicole Barton.

WORKSHOP with Nicole Barton
In this workshop with Life Mentor, Nicole Barton we will dive deeply but gently into an understanding about how the mind works and who we really are beyond that, which helped Nicole drop into insights that completely transformed her life of suffering (and a self-help addiction!) – almost overnight. Mixing inspirational talk with some gentle, meditative breathing, this safe space of connection offers a beautiful reminder of our true Wild Woman power, tapping us right back into our soul.  There is opportunity to open up for those within the group who want to seek support, share and make sense of our experiences, or you may just want to listen and soak up the beautiful feeling.

About Nicole @wellbeingwriter
Life Mentor, Nicole Barton, is something of a unicorn within the self-help industry for her candid notion that nobody needsself-help.  She is a breath of fresh air in her admission that while anything that leads us into soul-led expression is useful to shift us out of our heads and into our hearts, none of these practices are prerequisites to peace, as long as people reconnect to the simple truth of who they really are.  Nicole is committed to supporting people in finding freedom from whatever their suffering is through workshops, global retreats and one to ones, and is currently working on her first book.

“People are born with an innate wellbeing, and resilience. It’s already in there. It’s when we start to think that it’s not that it becomes a problem. None of our stories are our truth; they are simply content, and if we can see this truth or, perhaps more aptly, feel it, we can find freedom irrespective of the external circumstance.” ~ Nicole Barton

About Liz @lizjoyoakley
Liz Joy Oakley is Head of Vibes at MoreYoga, co-running our MoreMind Project with Stephanie Minchin & coordinating events and workshops around Holistic Wellbeing. After starting her career in the fast-paced world of luxury fashion Liz came to Yoga after being diagnosed with Malignant Hypertension and Generalized Anxiety and left the Fashion Industry with the goal of helping others to lead healthier lives holistically.

Liz spent a year volunteering at the Safe Childhoods Foundation, an NGO committed to combatting crimes against children whilst she describes as a time of total transformation. Here she began to understand the true benefits of Yoga as a therapeutic tool. She completed her YTT (200 hours) in Bali in 2014 and has been teaching around the world since.

Now back in London, Liz is passionate about helping people achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle through Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. She loves bringing people together, encouraging authentic connection and is happiest when facilitating retreats, workshops and events based around Yoga, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

Liz teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative Yoga, specialising in teaching Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation to improve stress & anxiety. She recently completed her training as a Wellbeing Coach & is dedicated to spreading Joy through her work.


About Help Refugees #ChooseLove

Help Refugees, with their powerful message to the world, CHOOSE LOVE, are the new charity partner for MoreYoga. They began as a group of friends wanting to do something to help  with the dire conditions that people were living in just across the channel in Calais. Fast forward 4 years and they have helped over a million people, they work in 12 countries.
They fund the amazing local groups doing phenomenal work and one of their main focuses is providing safe places for women. Life in camps can be incredibly hard with poor sanitation and often only a tent for shelter. We Are One is one of these brilliant safe spaces. They offer yoga, dance and breath-work to support women living in and around the camp there, helping to alleviate some of the trauma and bring some normality and joy into their lives. They also provide nutritious fruit, vegetables and nuts for pregnant and breast-feeding women in light of their extra nutritional needs.