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Explore and understand how to soothe, calm and be kinder to oneself through learning skills and techniques from Compassion-Focused Therapy and experience a practice of applied Yoga Therapy.

Join Dr Stephanie Minchin (@theyogapsychologist) for a 5 week course in ‘Yoga and Psychology for Mental Health: Cultivating Compassion’. Stephanie is a Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with over 10 years experience working in the profession of mental health.

In this online course, Stephanie will share psycho-education about Compassion-Focused Therapy, with reflective writing exercises and individual tasks to empower you to build your own self-help skills, enabling you to develop self-compassion in order to overcome the inner critic, negative thinking cycles and unhelpful behaviours. Each session will involve a combination of compassion-focused exercises, breathwork techniques, meditation, and will be complemented with a Yoga Therapy informed yoga practice. This course is open to those of all levels, welcoming of beginners in both yoga and psychology.


The course is facilitated online via Zoom. You may choose to participate with your video camera on or off, however, it is encouraged to be present with the camera on in order to create a sense of group connection and cohesion. There will be opportunities to share, talk, reflect and ask questions throughout each session, yet no expectation to talk if you do not feel comfortable. It is encouraged that you attend all 5 sessions in order to gain the most learning and positive benefits from your experience.

For each session you will require a quiet personal space, yoga mat, a notebook and pen. Following each session, home practices and tasks will be recommended to support your learning in the process.

The sessions will not be recorded.

*Please note, this course is welcoming of anyone interested in learning new self-help skills to support their mental health and emotional wellbeing. This course is not a replacement for talking therapies, pharmaceutical interventions or any other forms of treatment which are recommended to individuals currently under the care of mental health services or other professionals. This course may act as a compliment to other therapeutic interventions for individuals experiencing mental health difficulties.


Duration: 5 week online course via Zoom
Hours: 2 hours each week
Day: Wednesdays 7-9pm
Dates: 21st October – 11th November 2020


Early Bird: £199 (Ends 22nd September)
Normal Price: £225


Dr Stephanie Minchin is a Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher with complimentary advanced training in Yoga Therapy. Stephanie co-founded the MoreMind project with MoreYoga, alongside Liz Joy Oakey, integrating yoga and psychology for positive mental health, and has also authored several book chapters, articles and research papers.

In her practice as a Clinical Psychologist, Stephanie offers psychological therapy with children, young people  and families in NHS mental health services and adults in independent private practice in East London. With advanced psychological training in trauma, Stephanie has worked with multiple charities and third sector organisations, delivering training and consultations as well as presenting as a keynote speaker at conferences. Stephanie believes in looking beyond the power of diagnostic labels and contextualises difficulties to life experiences unique to the individual, working from a positive psychology perspective for strength and growth to overcome adversity. 

As Stephanie furthered her training as a Yoga Teacher, she realised that the parallel between sharing psychological therapy and yoga classes was about ‘holding space’ for others and inviting inner connection to understand oneself. In the discovery of yoga therapy, Stephanie pursued further training with The Minded Institute to compliment her passions and interests in yoga and psychology, uniting the two disciplines in a more holistic approach.

Yoga has become not only a regular feature of Stephanie’s daily practice and routine, yet also an integral part of her life as a way of living. Yoga has supported Stephanie to become more grounded, mindful and self-compassionate, with an approach of acceptance and gratitude each day. Stephanie advocates that yoga isn’t about just making shapes on the mat, yet is a journey of inner self-awareness with self-inquiry. Stephanie believes that there is an offering of yoga for everybody and every body, in all aspects of diversity and difference, with its gifts having transformative and healing powers possible and inclusive for all.

To make inquiries for Psychological Therapy, 1:1 Yoga and Yoga Therapy, visit or contact Stephanie directly


Psychology & Sociology (BSc) - University of Leeds - 1st (2009)

Clinical Research (MRes Post-grad certificates) - City University London (2013)

Doctorate Training in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) - University of Hertfordshire (2016)

Advanced Trainings in Psychological Therapies include:

Narrative Therapy; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; Compassion Focused Therapy; Trauma

Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs) - Vivian Callegaro Yoga Academy (2014)

Reiki Level I - Paolo Bisazzo Reiki Master (2015)

Reiki Level II - Vital Reiki (2019)

Yin Yoga Training (30 hrs) - Normal Blair, Yoga Campus (2019)

Mandala Vinyasa Training (20 hrs) - The Yoga People (2019)

School of Svadhyaya Advanced Yoga Training (30 hrs) - MoreYoga (2019)

Advanced Assisting Methodology (50 hrs) - Sunday School Yoga (2019)

Yoga Therapy Training (580 hrs) - The Minded Institute (2020)

Liberate Yoga Teaching Mentorship - Naomi Absalom (2020)