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Inspiring Positive Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Understanding Your Anxiety with Liz Joy Oakley

A 6 week journey through Yoga, Breathwork & Coaching to help manage your personal experience of anxiety.

In this online course we will explore the relationship with your personal experience of Anxiety through reflective coaching, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and pranayama (breathing techniques). We will demystify some of the common misconceptions around Anxiety and learn techniques and coping strategies to help alleviate Anxiety by giving you the tools to support yourself.  

Inside Addiction with Marta Antero

Addiction takes on many forms, and can be a destructive force that undermines our ability to realise our full potential. In this 8 week course Marta will help you get inside what is driving your addictive behaviours and provide a new path through yoga, kundalini, neuroplasticity and meditation.

Start your journey of self exploration and understanding addiction, and the possibility of healing the impact of childhood trauma and emotional loss that are linked to addiction.

Beginners Guide To Meditation with Charlie Granger

Meditation is a powerful tool; proven to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood, increase confidence and enhance the ability to create and maintain healthy habits.

We’ve created this Beginner’s Guide to Meditation, the perfect introduction to the world of meditation to help you create a personal meditation practice. You will learn about a variety of different types/ways to meditate, the benefits of each type and tips to help you find a regular practice to integrate into your life. There are hundreds of meditation techniques from various traditions and cultures, but this course has focused on three overarching styles of meditation; concentration (concentrating on something), mindfulness (focusing on the present moment) and compassion/contemplation meditation.