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Inspiring Positive Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

INSIDE ADDICTION: Mastering your anxious & addictive nature with Marta Antero

Addiction takes on many forms, and can be a destructive force that undermines our ability to realise our full potential. In this 8 weeks course Marta will help you get inside what is driving your addictive nature and provide a new path through self reflective coaching, neuroplasticity, Kundalini yoga, pranayama and meditation. There will also be a session on nutrition and detoxification.

The majority of us have an addictive nature but we don’t either recognise its presence or relate to it. Addiction is simply a tool to regulate ourselves, to manage our emotional state, longing for something external to change the way we feel.



Elemental Yoga Therapy course to build mental health resilience

Join Charlie Granger for this 4 week course in Elemental Yoga Therapy. The course combines yoga, yoga therapy, neuroscience, acupressure, mindfulness and breathwork to help strengthen your mental health. Charlie Granger is a mental health therapist and yoga teacher. She has a degree in Neuroscience & Psychology plus further studies in mental health, coaching and Neuro-Linguistic programming. Most of Charlie’s work is applied through yoga therapy and coaching techniques. 

Identity, accept and work through your mental, emotional and physical imbalances through this elemental yoga therapy course. Life at the moment is already considerably unsettling and challenging to navigate, that’s not even taking into account our personal obstacles and mental barriers.

Our mental health moves up and down a spectrum. Some people can exist down one end for longer periods, facing greater mental challenges such as depression or bipolar. Others may move up and down between mentally well, feeling content and happy, or mentally unwell moving into feeling stressed and anxious.

Wherever you are on the mental health spectrum this course will help you to feel stronger and more balanced in your life. The course is over 4 weeks, 1 session per week. The 5 elements will be spread across the 4 sessions and will be used as the medium to understand various mental and emotional imbalances. You will learn what yoga practices and other support tools can be used to ease the various imbalances.



Beginners Guide To Meditation with Charlie Granger

Meditation is a powerful tool; proven to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood, increase confidence and enhance the ability to create and maintain healthy habits.

We’ve created this Beginner’s Guide to Meditation, the perfect introduction to the world of meditation to help you create a personal meditation practice. You will learn about a variety of different types/ways to meditate, the benefits of each type and tips to help you find a regular practice to integrate into your life. There are hundreds of meditation techniques from various traditions and cultures, but this course has focused on three overarching styles of meditation; concentration (concentrating on something), mindfulness (focusing on the present moment) and compassion/contemplation meditation.

Astrology & Chakra Yoga with Rose Saltiel

As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.’ Astrology is an ancient art/science that studies the relationship between the stars and our personal and collective experience on earth. 

In this 7 week course we will explore the fundamental building blocks of western Astrology from a psychological and evolutionary perspective with a complimentary meditation and Chakra based yoga practice each week. The Chakra based Yoga practice will give this knowledge a grounding in the experience of the body – the progression of the astrological signs around the wheel of the year is mirrored in the chakra system.

Journeying into the heart of stillness with iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation with Cecilia Ballan

Take a deep dive into exploring your own internal landscape in this 8 week iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation course. Developed by Richard Miller, this form of yoga nidra has been shown in research to effectively assist in alleviating symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain & chemical dependency.

In this course you will be:

– Setting intentions
– Creating an embodied sense of wellbeing
– Living in line with your sense of purpose
– Body awareness
– Breath & prana awareness
– Working with emotions as messengers
– Exploring thoughts & beliefs we hold, working with the mind
– Connecting with a sense of Being or pure consciousness
– Integrating our insights into our daily lives