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MoreYoga Late Night Lock Ins are an alternative to a usual night out, an opportunity to spend your Friday or Saturday evening doing something that enriches rather than depletes your system. Every  Lock In is inspired by the MoreYoga ethos that we need to look after our health holistically ~ Mind, Body & Spirit and each event will combine Yoga, a Workshop focused on mental well-being and Meditation. This series is part of our  Karma Commitment to giving back with a minimum of 15% of proceeds going to our Charity of the Choose Love


Late Night Lock In

Flow, Feel & Heal
Yoga, Psychology & Gong

Friday 2nd Dec
MoreYoga Dalston
7:30 – 10.30pm

£30 Non-Members
£25 Members
with 20% to Choose Love

We invite you to join us for our Late Lock In Winter Warmer, an alternative night out that enriches your Mind, Body & Spirit. Immerse yourself in a blissful blend of Yoga with Liz Joy led to live music with Michael Sebastian before being guided through a reflective exercise with Dr. Stephanie Minchin & closing with a nourishing gong meditation with Rachael Welford!

As part of our MoreMind programme, every Lock In is inspired by our ethos that invites you to approach your health holistically, combining Yoga, Psychology & Sound Healing. 

Good Karma is also included in each ticket purchase as 20% of all profits will go to Choose Love, a movement in charity that provides emergency aid and long term solutions to refugees.



MoreYoga Lock Ins create a space to enrich your Mind, Body & Spirit whilst fundraising for important causes. As part of the MoreMind project, every Lock In is inspired by our ethos that invites you to approach your health holistically by combining Yoga, Psychology and Sound Healing. ⁣

with @lizjoywellbeing & @bastiancreations

We will open the evening with a fun & playful flow to restore practice led to the live music played by Michael Sebastian who  improvises organic dance music. His music has the structure of modern electronic; the freedom of jazz, and the depth of world music. Sebastian’s work is centred around improvisation, collaboration, and powerful live experiences. 
Suitable for every body & all levels are welcome!

PSYCHOLOGY WORKSHOP: ⁣@theyogapsychologist

Integrating yoga philosophy and models of western psychology, you will be guided through discussion and an individual written mind-mapping exercise supporting silent self-reflexivity and contemplation.⁣

GONG MEDITATION: @rachaelhappyhabits

Using sound vibration, we’ll help bring blissed-out silence to your mind, relaxation to your body and a connection to your soul.  The deep vibrations resonate all the cells in the body, activating your relaxation response, slowing your heart rate and entraining the brain to Theta, the bliss state.⁣


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PLUS MINUS MAGAZINE | Dr Stephanie Minchin
19th March 2018

Dr Stephanie Minchin is a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS, a Trainee Yoga Therapist and a Yoga Teacher with weekly yoga classes in Hackney (@theyogapsychologist)

Meet the yoga studio crew who really do give more!
Stepping into a yoga studio on a Saturday night isn’t my usual vibe… Yet swapping dance floors and beats for candles and stretching for the launch of More Yoga’s Late Night Lock Ins was a wonderful experience.
The studio was a cosey haven, with candles and blankets and a gift bag for each yogi. Liz greeted us all with smiles and hugs, her shiney spirit sharing a sense of happiness and fun. Liz led us through a beautiful yoga flow, gentle movements and breath work, ending with restorative poses to nurture the body.

Many of us are used to practicing yoga with music and have a range of yogi-friendly playlists to match the pace of the movements; but listening to live acoustic music whilst flowing on the mat really was something else. Mike’s acoustic guitar was the perfect compliment to the yoga, and Liz and Mike were nicely synced in sound and time with the yoga movements! The dreamy atmosphere created a sense of a community for the workshop, that we were all their together to celebrate ourselves.”

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